Some offerings from the Campo de’ Fiori

One of Rome’s most famous open air markets is the Campo de’ Fiori (Field of Flowers). The name originates from the daisies, poppies and other wildflowers that once graced the square. It is open until early afternoon, from Monday to Saturday, and is full of colour, aroma and bustle.

The campo is also home to many restaurants and bars, and can be quite lively at night. It used to be the site for public executions, but that practice stopped over 500 years ago, thank goodness. 










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27 responses to “Some offerings from the Campo de’ Fiori

  1. I think we should start with a nice guillotine with some hanging baskets around it. Far better than some hanging people – so untidy.

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  2. Could they perhaps combine executions with flowers? At least the executee will have something nice to look at in the last few minutes.

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  3. I’m glad you see local produce instead of executions these days.

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  4. Btw, Jane, they are sweet chestnuts (Castanea sativa), not horse chestnuts (Aesculus hippocastanum). The shells may look fuzzy, but they are really prickly.

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  5. when I was a kid, my grandparents had a farm north of Atlanta—long before urban sprawl encroached on that once predominately rural and pastoral land. There was a chestnut tree on the property. I can remember having to go gather the fallen nuts, many still in the spiny shell. The first line of business was if it was warm, wear shoes, secondly, don’t grab with gusto, be careful!
    I also remember being in Rome and watching the guy on the street corner roasting chestnuts for customers…can’t wait to see that again—thank you for the sweet but pokey memories 🙂

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  6. maristravels

    Just love your pictures of the chestnuts, terrific. And I love the Campo de’ Fiori too.

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  7. Well I loved it when I saw it 40+ years ago, even if ‘you know who’ found an excuse to get grumpy.

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  8. There were a couple of Roma taxi drivers who I would have liked to see at the campo, not 500 years ago, just 13 years ago for the amusement of those present 👿

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  9. There’s always a Goody-two-shoes who stops all the fun. If they still did the executions there be an even bigger more exciting market and the world wouldn’t be in the mess it’s in.

    I love the unusual gourds in picture 2!

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  10. Jane

    What is the first item? Love the fuzzy shell! So glad you had such a lovely tr!

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