Near Battistini Metro Station: Primavalle street art

I seem to be following in Peter’s footsteps, judging by a recent offering on his blog. Roman Despatches  And, thanks to a kind invitation from Cinzia, who lives in the Primavalle area, I got to see some of the street art that has “kissed the corners”, as noted in an article about this district.

The first was this: Racconta una storia


By SOLO, a pregnant Wonder Woman. (I liked the glimpse of laundry on the line, on the right hand side of the building.)


And, this one, by Omni 17, depicting Ingrid Bergman in a mask. It is a tribute to the movie Europa ’51, directed by Roberto Rossellini, and starring Ingrid Bergman. Many of the scenes were filmed in Primavalle.


That’s your bloomin’ lot for today, folks. 


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19 responses to “Near Battistini Metro Station: Primavalle street art

  1. BarbB

    Seeing these photos of that amazing street art was such a nice reminder of a lovely Sunday afternoon with Cinzia. Rereading your Rome/Trastevere blogs makes me want to go back again someday or as soon as I can forget the crowded airports, planes, etc.

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    • I reckon it’s kinda like childbirth. While you’re going through it, you’re saying “Never again.” Then you forget about it, and start to plan the next (in this case), trip!

      It’s Trastevere that would lure me back. And, Naples.


  2. Gorgeous art. I enjoyed very much when seeing them. Thank You.

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  3. Some people are so clever. Thanks for sharing, Yvonne.


  4. Beautiful. Although I wasn’t as impressed with the second one in the link you gave – the figures showering in the rain – it is a lot more like some graffiti we see in Melbourne.
    And yes, I like the pregnant Wonder woman but the top one is my favourite.

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  5. Thanks, Yvonne to make us know this new quarter of Roma and the murals .
    Love ❤

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    • It made me go and explore in areas of Rome that I hadn’t been to before, Michel. Now, I’ve got itchy feet to go back and see more. Love to you and your family. ❤


  6. These are spectacular! Thank you for sharing them with us!
    I wonder who fathered WW’s baby!?!?! I wonder if she’ll be raising the baby solo?!?! I wonder if she’ll get maternity leave from her job?!?!? Well, I should stop worrying about her, because she’ll be a wonder-ful mom! 😉 😀
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  7. Takes “graffiti” to a whole new level. This is art at it’s finest–accessible to everyone.

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  8. Pregnant Wonder Woman and her shadow is a remarkable scene. Lovely capture Yvonne.

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  9. The shadow on the Wonder Woman one is a stroke (or strokes) of genius. All well photographed


  10. Wonderful that you got to Primavalle, Yvonne!

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    • Cinzia told me about the history of the district. Her in laws were among those to be moved there, which made it tough for her father in law to get back to his work with poor public transport.


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