A trundle through Trastevere, part the first

Trastevere is such an interesting part of Rome in which to wander. Little side streets tempt you to see what might be down them, and the pavement is alive with people and vehicles. 

While admiring the colours and design of this apartment building, I noticed a little della Robbia lookalike on the corner.


Isn’t it beautiful?


A reminder of the recent past, embedded in the pavement, outside another apartment building.


And, a reminder of the street artist My Dog Sighs.



The fellow leaning on the broom remarked that usually, there is one man working and 3 watching. Maybe the other two were having a coffee break?


If we did work like this, we wouldn’t have to go to the gym! When next you walk on pavement like this, please give a thought to the hard work that goes into the maintenance.


It was a lovely afternoon for a wedding.


This fellow is master of all he surveys.


PS Ciao, Sig. Ramazzotti! 



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32 responses to “A trundle through Trastevere, part the first

  1. That della Robbia zoom is excellent; and I particularly like the setting of the setts

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  2. I always enjoy the art and architecture and life you share with us! Thank you for taking us with you on your travels!
    That last photo…the little doggie is a cutie!
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  3. What I like are all the colors on the street.

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  4. Just so beautiful. The dog looks happy. Did you give it a good pat.?

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  5. I do like the word trundling – it indicates a gently stroll with time to stop and look, instead of a mad rush. I think I’d rather be the broom holder than the paver-placer in that team.

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  6. So much to see! Thank you for pointing your camera at the sites and sharing them with us.

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  7. nco4242

    Wow I just adopted him last week from shelter that’s where he went when he disappeared for a day. Toby you bad boy! Would send photo but don’t know how to do it.

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  8. Those brass remembrance platelets are a stark reminder of past atrocities that we are in danger of stumbling back towards. But overall a fine gallery of glimpses into an area we only strolled through one afternoon sometime last century…

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  9. Chris Hey

    My absolute favourite area of Rome, not for “sights” but for its vibrant atmosphere. Our little apartment this year was in Vicola della Torre, one of the prettiest little streets in Trastevere.

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  10. The pavement is named: “Sanpietrini!” I wrote about them….

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