A stroll in the streets

Yesterday, at the suggestion of the fellow who writes Roman Despatches, I undertook a walk with a purpose.

It began when I got off tram 8 in Piazza Venezia, and made my way to the Via del Corso.


This statue stands near the entry to the Palazzo Venezia.


These blokes were at the door of  San Marco Evangelista al Campidoglio.  Doesn’t the man facing us have a pleasant visage?


You know exactly what time I was stopped by a red light, which gave me the opportunity to take this photo.


Hmm. I wonder how this would look as a light at the entrance to the Palatial Granny Flat?


Fashion alert! It seems that pant suits will feature in Northern Hemisphere spring wardrobes.


Just before I arrived at the eagerly awaited destination, the aroma of roasting chestnuts tickled my nose. I love the smell, but don’t like the taste of these nuts. 



Oh, boy! I’m here! Now I’ll see the ocean of azaleas covering the Spanish Steps. But, wait, it looks like there’s an ocean of people, instead, and very few blooms in evidence. Never mind, I’ll drag the always enthusiastic Dear Barb down here one evening. She’ll love it.


Homeward bound, choosing the wrong turns as I am wont to do, the return trip was somewhat longer than the arrival. Why can’t I have the instincts of a homing pigeon?

Well, I saw this fellow, anyhow, and I think it says something like “With wild animals”. That doesn’t make a heck of a lot of sense. I guess you need to know the back story.


Many of you will recognise the Barberini bee, and so you’ll also know I was near the fountain that bears the family name. 



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56 responses to “A stroll in the streets

  1. We buy a few chestnuts in season and have tried to cook them in the oven and offer them around to people here. Usually a new taste for most of them. We’re still experimenting to get them to burst open with the right cooking time. It’s hard to match what happens on a brazier. I know the taste is a bit too floury for some, but it does vary from one chestnut to the next, so always worth giving it another try. Or you can grind them and make a nice paste dressing.

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  2. Jude

    Yvonne, thanks for this lovely tour!

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  3. Old English schoolboy saying: Latin is a language as dead as dead can be; it killed the ancient Romans and now it’s killing me.

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  4. A very entertaining ramble. A variety of pics and fun captions

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  5. Hallo Yvonne, greetings from the ever crowded lagoon. “Cum feris ferus” means “Fierce with whom is fierce”.

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  6. Couldn’t see any tram lines. i stuck
    into google translate and came up with this:
    During holidays WILD!
    Doesn’t make much sense to me,
    I’m going to stick to English; I have enough trouble as it is, with my native language, without trying to resurrect a dead ‘n

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  7. I thought it was the Barberini of Seville 😉 (To complement the Spanish Steps). Olé.

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  8. I think that quote is something like every man an emperor. I could be wrong. Not wild animals. Kind of like Huey Long saying Every man a king! I love your photos and wanderings. Don’t kiss any strangers.

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  9. Nice photos, and not a Big Mac sign anywhere. A real treat, Yvonne.

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  10. I remember the Spanish steps. I was only in Rome for one day but they stay in my mind.

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  11. Why stop at one of those elaborate light fittings. I think you go for at least two, for maximum impact.

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  12. I vaguely recall the day I ran up and down those steps…….. there weren’t so many people around back then 🙂

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  13. Jane

    I have the same problem with roasted chestnuts….but I’m probably the only person you know….who loves the smell of coffee, but can’t touch the stuff!

    I love those Barberini bees….

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  14. Just to have that stuff at your fingertips I can’t say getting lost
    Would be a problem

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  15. I thank you for a tour that I’ll never be able to take personally. There are so many sights worth a look!

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  16. When in Rome, you’re not meant to take a photograph when stopped by a red light; you’re meant to kiss.

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  17. I love the clock and you definitely need that lamp! I remember Dad buying some chestnuts when we were with you in Winnipeg and he tried roasting them, but I seem to remember they all sort of exploded.

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  18. BarbB

    It probably wouldn’t be a trip to Rome without a visit to the Spanish Steps. Are we too early for the azaleas or too late? We should probably toss a couple of coins across our shoulders at Trevi Fountain to insure that we will return to Roma one more time.

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  19. Thank you for walking and strolling for me ☺️

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