Vivid fragments

Again, nothing too demanding for you folks, since it is the weekend. Just a few interesting things to be seen on walls, when you pause to take a wee rest.

But, isn’t it frustrating not to know the story behind this one?ย 



Please don’t ask where this was, I’d only be forced to lie to you.




And, a reminder that we’re all mortal.


Today me, tomorrow for you

And for Jane, a stemma.




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22 responses to “Vivid fragments

  1. The mortality reminder would confuse an archaeologist โ€“ the skeleton of wings and arms?

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  2. and when we’re dead we are immortal

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  3. Picture #2 – The prawns are burning on the barbie.

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  4. You have capture the essence of a dying culture left too the few who still care which way Is home
    As Sheldon Usually


  5. Looks like an Olympic javelin thrower to me.

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  6. Those two sitting around the stemma look like troublemakers to me! I think they just fell out of the local drinking hole! Hope you’re having a wonderful time in Rome….good eats and good vino! ๐Ÿ™‚ xx

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  7. Jane

    Those guys holding the stemma…look like they get their feet in it all the time! Normally the stemma holders are a lot less roguish it seems to me !

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  8. Susie L

    Buona Domenica Y! What a treat to wake up and see these lovely things.

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  9. Jane

    Arenโ€™t we glad the world is filled with mysteries?

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  10. The people in that first sequence look like they’ve been competing in the discus at the Commonwealth Games. We had great seats at Carrara Stadium very close to the discus net and that is exactly how all the athletes looked. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  11. That second sentence suggested to me that we were going to see loo walls

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