Well, I never!

A not-so-idle remark from an inquisitive friend (thanks, Bert) led me on an interesting chase through Google.

Bert asked about the words that were visible on the pink cape of my previous post, the subject of which I had attributed to Clet. How wrong I was!

Here is the image from that post.

P1010511 (2016_03_17 00_59_23 UTC)

After enlarging the image, I could discern that the words were yipiyipiyeah. A search for this revealed that Clet probably had nothing to do with this alteration of a street sign. It’s another artist (or a group thereof) from Madrid!

To quote their website (translation from Spanish by Signor Google) “The collective Yipi Yipi Yeah has painted the traffic signals of the capital in a vindictive and ironic gesture.” Vindictive makes it sound rather edgy, doesn’t it?

There are numerous examples of their work on this site:  yipi

Do yourself a favour, and have a look at the site, if you’re at all interested in being vindictive or ironic. There seem to be hundreds of Yipi Yipi Yeah’s works, so if you visit Madrid, you should be able to spot at least a few of them. I wonder what the authorities in Madrid think of all of this?

This one appealed to me, for some reason.



And, here is the Madrid version of the one I saw in Naples.





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31 responses to “Well, I never!

  1. I’ve been somewhere doing something but for the life of me
    I can’t figure out who or what
    Just dropped bye to say hello
    Would love to stay but I got
    Eggs in the car and I don’t
    Want them to spoil
    As Sheldon Usually

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  2. I can’t remember ever having felt vindictive and ironic at the same time. Maybe I’m missing something.

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  3. Bert ‘s remark about a detail in your photo made you discover something important: a kind of “artistic” revolt against the agreed order, in this case in Madrid but it could have been elsewhere.
    Love ❤

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  4. Love the creativity and fun! ‘Twould brighten up any street and would bring grins! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 😀

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  5. Need something here in Sydney like these to brighten up the streets instead of all the damned advertizing garbage that the councils and transport people keep throwing at us

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  6. Very creative and I love the name.

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  7. Bridget

    Very interesting….but more importantly…If I remember correctly, you’d have them take the olive out of that drink! 😉 xx

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    • Crikey! That’s what I like, a stalker with a good memory. I remember, a few years back, asking them not to put an olive in my spritz, but I used the Italian word for olive tree. Then, I wondered why they laughed at me! 🙂


  8. This had me wasting time searching for a TV Western theme song – can’t remember the name of it – dammit

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  9. I wonder if Mr Google has the translation quite right. Vindictive just doesn’t sound like the word they meant.

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  10. Yipi Yipi Yeah sounds like a really cool name for a pet ostrich. I’m going to name my next one that, Those street signs are wonderful. I wish someone here would cheer the dull landscape.

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  11. Such doings bring out the ironical vindict in all of us.

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