It really gets my goat!

“I travelled 3500 km through some really tough conditions, just  to feature on some dumb blog?”


A plaintive and prolonged baaaa drew me to the rear of this ute*, parked on the main street of Myrtleford. The ute sported Western Australia licence plates. That’s a very long way from sunny downtown Myrtleford, trust me. Just take a look at this map:

I wouldn’t want to be the one who made that trip chained up in the back of this vehicle. Perhaps it gets to ride up front when they’re not parked somewhere? I do hope so. I hung around for a while, hoping to talk to the owner, but he/she didn’t turn up. I hope this cute little critter doesn’t have too many more kilometers to travel.


*ute: this is the abbreviation for “utility”, a vehicle with a tray back. If you don’t know what a tray back is, you must be a city slicker!




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47 responses to “It really gets my goat!

  1. what a great find….
    wonder what the owner was doing and where they were headed…
    and my favorite soap (one of) is goat milk’s soap….

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  2. You have goat to be kidding me! Ha! I love baaad puns! 😛
    Well, he looks like a well-traveled goat!
    He is handsome, too!
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  3. That goat looks a bit sheepish.

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  4. All those so called Australians and it had to be a bloody Pom tell about the goat on the Endeavour,
    Not surprised really, there’s an excuse for you Yvonne so consider yourself excused, but as for the rest of ’em chee………………….

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  5. So that’s where the term “billy can” comes from 🙄
    I learn a lot from reading your posts Yvonne 🙄 ❤

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    • Yes “Billy can do this”, “Billy can do that”. and so on!

      How are things progressing toward your nuptials, Ralph-o. Are the cats deciding who will carry the rings? 🙂 oxo

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      • Still tied up with paperwork. Natascha is still translating all my official docs into German ! We are keeping the cats well away from the rings ‘cos they’ll pat them under the sofa, never to be seen again 😺😺😺😟💜

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  6. This is troubling. Humans have trained themselves to believe that no other species has feelings so that humans can do whatever they want with them. Sweet-looking goat.

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  7. He looked to me like a well-loved goat, someone they’d rather take with them than leave behind. Maybe they moved to Myrtleford year ago and Placido is a local anyway.

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  8. If he doesn’t yet have a name I vote for ‘Placid”. I have owned goats and they are beautiful, cute, lovable, tough and rewarding. I’d reckon the idea of the chain was so nobody would nick it.

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    • I had never thought of the chain as a deterent, but of course that little goat would be tempting to some light fingered people.

      I wonder if a goat and an alpaca would get along? But, we’d have to have much better fencing to keep someone like Placido in the yard.


  9. That goat might be my father judging from the Gravatar! Yes! I own a ute! Goats travel well – in fact they are so calm that often they are put on trips with nervous race horses to keep them calm.

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  10. My second goat of the day! On CBS Sunday Morning (my weekly TV ritual) they had a feature on goat yoga. Really, goat yoga looks like fun….Google it. Probably the only way they’d get me to do yoga…at least at this time of my life. When I was little my aunt and uncle kept goats….lots of goats for their milk of course. I loved going to visit the goats!

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  11. No bed of any kind which leads me to believe he rides in the cab.

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  12. Goat’s looking pretty good. I wish you’d been able to catch the carriers, though! It might have been an interesting story. Maybe they were taking the goat BACK!!!

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  13. It looks in great condition judging by its smooth coat. So hopefully well loved. Funny, I was just this morning reading an article on the ABC website about pet goats.


  14. Jane

    I’m hoping he was just there to catch the breeze….while the folks were visiting….no water bowl in sight?

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