Ta-Da! Thank you John

For those of you who might suffer from short term memory degradation, here is a reminder for you. This image first appeared in a post a few days back, but unfortunately,  none of us could fully understand the dialect of Naples.


Thanks to a bloke who lives down in the big capital city of the fair state in which I live, and thanks to him having a friend who could do the job, we now have a translation. 

(I think I’ll just hand my post over to the bloke and Maxine!)

The new commandments of a true Napoletano

1.  The football team of your heart is Napoli
2.  On Sunday you must eat Pasta with meat sauce
3.  Every day you must say something in Neapolitan Dialect
4.  At Christmas time you must eat Struffoli, and at Easter the Pastiera* and the   Casatiello**
5.  You get angry at Naples, but if you leave it you long for it.
6.  You spend all your money,
7.  You’d stay in bed all your life.
8.  You’ll do everything tomorrow.
9.  You don’t do anything, but if you must, let someone else do it.
10. You are born tired and you want to rest during the day and sleep at night.

[There you go Yvonne. From one of my Australian Italian friends who was born in Tunisia.]

  •  If you’re wondering what pastiera is:    pastiera
  • ** If you’re wondering what casatiello is:  casatiello


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23 responses to “Ta-Da! Thank you John

  1. Thank goodness for the translation. I would never have got there with my “high” Italian, such as it is.

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    • I wonder how many different local languages there are in Italy? I wonder if Sig. Google knows?

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      • Thanks for the interesting link! There was a moment in time when I was supposed to attend the University for Foreigners in Perugia to learn Italian. I didn’t go because the acceptance papers came half way through the first semester 🙂 I know that they prided themselves on speaking the purest Italian, and yet even in nearby Florence I noticed a kind of huffing in the throat. I finally realised they were replacing “c” with “h”. Then I was on a train near Bologna, and someone got on who had a terrible lisp. The closer we got to Bologna, the more people had the same lisp 🙂 But at least I could understand those accents. When I got to Venice, I only understood every third sentence of everyday conversation. Down south in Sicily, my comprehension was about one word in ten. Oddly, with Calabrian, I could understand most of the conversation by focusing on the entire context, rather than the individual words. But that Napolitano sign would have had me stumped!

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        • I wa reading a bit on the history of Italy, when it was composed of many city states. No wonder they have so many dialects, and no wonder they feel some pride in maintaining them.

          Did you go to visit Perugia anyhow, despite the tardiness in your acceptance? It’s another fascinating city.

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        • I visited, yes, but didn’t study there. I ended up doing a month in Rome at Centro Culturale, and then another month, a more intensive course, at the Dante Alighieri in Florence. After that I spent one more month in the hills looking after an elderly woman while her relative worked. Our conversations, and my reading the newspaper aloud while she corrected, helped hone my accent. All gone now though. I listen, then answer in English 🙂

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  2. oh how nice of the bloke to help out – woo hoo
    and my fav….
    On Sunday you must eat Pasta with meat sauce

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  3. I’m all for numbers 9 and 10

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  4. What fun!
    #9 got a snort-laugh outa’ me! 😀
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  5. I found it rather poignant, Gerard.


  6. I think nr 5 comes the closest to a real truth.

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  7. Darlene Jones

    I particularly like #9 and I think I’m living #10 these days.

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  8. For 6 I think it should be ‘your spouse spends all your money’. (This is an equal opportunity comment).

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  9. What a lovely code for life but I would substitute Leicester City as the football team!

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  10. Numbers 2 and 4 appeal to me, being food related. 🙂

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