Garnered in a couple of hours

It doesn’t take long to find diverse scenes of street life as you wander around in the historic centre of Naples.

I had never seen a shoe-shine stand in the streets anywhere before.

The music they made was so cheery and energetic.

This reminded me of the street cleaners in Venice, except here the broom heads are made of plastic.

The boredom of a street stall owner, who has seen it all before.

A university graduate in Naples with her mother, aunt and friends. Gina has her degree in Languages (Chinese), and hopes to become an interpreter. Brava, Gina.

Leave the mail under the door. Thanks.

A voice over a loudspeaker brought me to the window, to see a vendor of fruit and vegetables plying his trade on the narrow street. And, he’s driving an Ape!

No digital scales for this fellow.




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29 responses to “Garnered in a couple of hours

  1. Bridget

    Yvonne, I am so sorry to hear about your fall !! I wish I was there to help you get back safely to Oz….take care and let us know how you are!
    Thinking of you….Dan and Rosie too! xxxx

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  2. And not a train in sight!

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  3. Wonderful photos of life 💖

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  4. Warm climate = living outside and we get to see so much more.

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  5. We’ll have to go to Naples – at yearly intervals my husband expresses a longing for a street shoe-cleaner. Love all these scenes (even the bored stall-holder –one of my favourite Venice photos is of a very wet and disgruntled gondolier). We have re-booked last year’s cancelled few days in Venice for May!

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  6. OMG, I could post almost the same shots from Oaxaca! Love the similarities. 😉

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  7. Jan Keshen

    great stuff!

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  8. Nice people watching, Yvonne!

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  9. A great post. Shoe shiners are all over the place in Argentina. Those shots are so wonderful of life lived in Naples. I have even seen one in Sydney . Problem is that many Aussies wear thongs which are difficult to polish.

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  10. Leave it to Yvonne to find a mask shop in Naples, too…

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  11. A great set, Yvonne. Your shoeshine comment reminds me of that Daguerre 1839 photograph.

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