Good day for a stroll

It’s always nice to try to find your way around a new neighbourhood, and that’s what I did today. Don’t expect me to explain in any degree of detail what it was I saw, but here are some images. You can make up your own stories about them.

“Welcome to Napoli” says Signor Dante Alighieri. (I didn’t know he spoke English.)

It seems that rubbing body parts ensures a bit of good luck. So, please rub Pulcinella’s nose.

And rub the skull of Anon. 

This statue is in honour of Domenico Martuscelli, who established a school for the blind in Naples. He was a nice man.

Which form of dance would you recommend for me? I know which one I fancy. But, my body says “No way.”

Just an obligatory view of a narrow street, backlit.

This bloke was clever. He sang from the comfort of his balcony, disappearing every so often for refreshments. He had a basket dangling from the balcony to collect donations. I don’t know how much he earned today.

These poor youngsters were struggling under the weight of the statue, and their eardrums were assailed by the vigorous percussion and brass sections of the accompanying band.

Not much to say about this, except I liked the shape of the window.

In breaking news, my search for Leocrema has had a happy ending. I have found a good supply of it, and have cornered the market.



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36 responses to “Good day for a stroll

  1. It looks like the bower wasn’t quite heavy enough for the little girls – they loaded the back of it up with boxes of ballast and the kindly gentleman at the front, rests his arm on it just for added stability.

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  2. I really loved that keyhole window shape. Great photo.

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  3. The aerial busker is a first for me. Pleased to meet Domenico Martuscelli.

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  4. Such a rich treasury, Yvonne

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  5. Wow, what a nice walk! Poor Pulchinello looks almost like he has a bird beak! I liked that keyhole window, too.

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  6. Pleased that you found one nice bloke, pity it was only a statue though!
    The bloke singing was probably ducking back in to change the record.
    I suppose now you’ve got your cream you’ll be heading for the airplane station to catch a plain back to Canada!
    Had a word with immigration so……….. 👿

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    • Blast you, M’Lord. I’ll probably appear on an episode of Border Patrol. Oh well, at least my skin wil be nice and soft for the cameras.

      I like how the street entertainers often have a CD going (you revealed how old fashioned you are, saying ‘record’. I did the same using ‘CD’)


      • It’s not that I’m old fashioned it’s that I prefer calling a spade a spade in this instance a record it is after all a recording is it not? Even for a Canuck!

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        • To those of us who are not yet old codgers, a record is a flat black thing that emits sound when used with the proper equipment.

          Happy Daylight Savings time to you. How much are bananas this week? I’m eating all I can while over here. I remember having to mortgage the house to buy them after Larry and Yasi.


        • I’m sorry DST has finished. Coco last week and for the weeks preceding would wake me at 5.30 for his breakfast. This week it’s 4.30
          The price of bananas in my fruit shop on Sunday were still at $2.99 kg haven’t been to Coles or Woolworths yet,
          Just checked Coles online and they are still at $2.99, perhaps ICAC have had a word in their shell like. I too recall that time that’s what sparked my blog which received some attention.

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        • I’m hoping that my cat has her clock all reset to a sensible get-up time, by the tie I get home.

          That’s good news about the bananas. (As though that’s the number 1 world problem, eh?) All those poor folks in the areas affected by Debbie, and then the flooding caused by the downpour.


  7. Jane

    We keep talking about getting to Naples….this is certainly inspiring! The comments are working again!!!!

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  8. Yes, I would stay in Naples too. A magic place. I suppose a journey to Pompeii is on the cards as well? Excellent timing too, Yvonne. Not too cold or hot.


    • Hi, Gerard. The weather can stay just like this, if it wants to. It’s just as you describe.

      I’ve been to Pompeii a couple of times, Herculaneum is on the cards for this visit.


  9. Wandering past all these sights would make a daily morning walk so pleasurable. How wonderful.

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  10. That looks like a very interesting neighborhood!

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  11. I am looking forward to your posts about Naples. I visited in 1976 and have always wanted to return,

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  12. I’m green with envy, how long do you get to stay in Napoli? I have a dream to spend a solid 3 months in the area… or a year…the rest of my life?…

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    • I can understand why you would want to do that! It’s quite magic, but I can also understand why some people would not like it.

      Cross your fingers for me. I’m going to ask my landlady if the apartment is available until I leave Italy in mid-May. I’d happily cancel the one in Roma, lovely though that city is.

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  13. Do I take it you will now have the softest hands in all Napoli, if not the world? Such a lovely place to walk about in – you must be the second most fortunate woman in the entire world!!

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  14. nco4242

    You need to explore the market streets near the station and behind it \. I sell a book pole dancing for dummies should you need it

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  15. I hope you turned a blind eye to the pigeon on the statue of Domenico Martuscelli. I resolved several months back (am yet to begin) to go for a walk every day. It would be no trouble if such a stroll took in such wonders as yours!

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    • Boom-boom to your little play on words.

      I know just what you mean, Bruce. I can’t get inspired to walk in my town, even though it really is a pleasant place. At least you have the puppy who needs a walk, at least once a week. 🙂

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