A lucky stumble-upon

It was a corker of a day today, with lovely sunshine, just warm enough to make you seek out shade when you could. I decided it would be a good opportunity to take the train from Prato to Lucca. This is a leisurely ride, with plenty of stops and time to enjoy the passing scenery.

After a much needed lunch break, I set off for the Carrefour supermarket, looking for a particular brand of hand cream that I have found only in Italy. Although that was not a success, I did happen upon this statue in the portico of Palazzo Pretoriale. 

Meet Matteo Civitali (1436–1502), a Lucchenese surgeon turned sculptor (and architect, engineer and painter). I rather dislike these multi-talented people.

Because I’m a tad jealous of his many skills, I’ll leave you to find out more about him, if that is your desire. I shan’t think less of you because of that. 

Just to show what a giving soul I am, here are a few more images of this paragon.

I want a determined jaw like that. But, not the beard.

I guess he used this hammer thing when he did his (allegedly brilliant) sculpturing.

What is this sharp object, Matteo? Did you use it in your surgery, or your sculpture?

Well, this did soften my hard attitude toward this gifted man. How many hands have caressed this shoe? Whatever the count was, add one for mine. I really do admire you, Matteo Civitali, gifted sculptor from Lucca.

If you visit Lucca, you’ll see many of his works in the Cathedral of San Martino.





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28 responses to “A lucky stumble-upon

  1. Best sunscreen I have ever used i found in Termoli, Rougj+ Solaire 🙂

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  2. This bloke doesn’t get much of a write up in Wikipedia, think you gave him more.
    I was tempted to make a remark/reply to the first comment made to this post, but refrained as I’m not quite sure who I’d be rude to the most, so being a person of restraint and compassion I didn’t, comment on it that is! 👿


  3. So much brilliance in the world 💖 ✨ Not the least is your sense of humour by the way 😄

    What is this hand cream you speak of? Was it the texture you loved? The oils or scents…all of the above..?

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    • See, you get me, unlike M’Lord Bear! 🙂

      That darn cream was all of the above, and it worked, furthermore. It seems to either have gone into hiding, or been discontinued. Isn’t that always the way, another 1st World problem. Hugs to you. ❤

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  4. I’ve seen the statue as I’ve visited Lucca many times (it’s one of my favourite towns in Italy and I love the Verdi Opera season) but I’m interested in the train journey to Prato. I never thought of doing that but you’ve given me an idea for my next trip, thank you.

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    • I have to admit to being dissapointed in my choice of Prato, to stay for 2 weeks. But, it’s worth a trip for a day, starting early and staying late. Pistoia is well worth your attention, Mari.


  5. Nicely portrayed, Yvonne

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  6. Italian made shoes do last forever. So are RM Williams. Did I hear they are now owned by an overseas company?

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  7. He could host a mean barbie too. An apron (leather, how classy), a mallet for tenderising tough-looking steak, and something to prod the sausages with. My ideal man.

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  8. Love how his shoe has been touched. About the hand cream. We get hair products from Italy that are amazing, but we can only buy them from our stylist in Mexico.

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  9. No wonder you couldn’t find any hand cream. Clearly Matteo Civitali had used it all to enhance his own complexion.

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