Lovely weather

The weather has been so nice, with blue skies, a touch of breeze and just the right temperature to walk beside the Bisenzio River.

This couple were getting an early start to suntans. You can hardly see him, he is very pale indeed.

This lovely stemma was on the former Church of Tau in Pistoia. This church belonged to the Regular Canons of St Anthony the Abbot, whose cloaks were decorated with a blue “T”, for tau. 

Photographs are not permitted in this former church, so for those interested, here is information about the edifice and the remnants of frescoes that can be seen.  saint-anthony-the-abbot-or-of-the-tau

( The church is part of the Marino Marini museum in Pistoia, another branch of which is located in Florence.) museo-marino-marini-florence



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27 responses to “Lovely weather

  1. Lovely weather, indeed! And Mother Nature’s vibrant blues and greens are joy-bringers! 🙂

    I love reflection photos! 🙂

    BTW: Did white flesh blind you?! Ha! I have friends in Canada who say after a long winter, on the first warm day of late Spring, everyone is out in their bathing suits and all the glaring white flesh blinds her eyes! 😉 😛

    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  2. Beautiful and tranquil looking day. I didn’t know there was a branch of the Marino Marini museum in Pistoia. Thanks!

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    • Yes, and if you got to the one in Florence and clutch the ticket, you get free admission in Pistoia. Is that a bargain, or what!?

      Today is another glorious day, this can’t last …

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  3. I am so thankful I stumbled onto your blog. The water photos are stunning. So peaceful. The architecture of the church is magnificent. Thank you for the history lesson.I enjoyed that. I am confined to bed so I travel via posts like yours. Thank you for taking me on this wonderful journey with you.

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  4. Must be a Pom, and no more mention of the mad monk if you don’t mind!

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  5. I hope those pale people didn’t stay out too long, or they might have turned a vivid shade of pink!

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  6. I love the reflections in the river – the water has just enough quiver in it to make them mysterious.

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  7. This current place in Italy has much better weather, it appears, than Venice. Of course, you’re later this year as well. Goodness the man WAS pale.

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    • I’m just waiting for the heavens to open with rain. As long as I get into the apartment in Naples without a soaking, I’ll be happy-ish. Mind you, I’m sure to find something to whinge about.

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  8. St Anthony the Abbot? I thought he was in Canberra. The pale husband is on the left side of the picture. It took me a while to find him. Great stemma.

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    • I had to laugh, as I had spelled “Abbot” with 2 t’s, and knew that just wasn’t right. I hope the poor fellow isn’t sunburned now, but he no doubt is. The female of the pair had lovely red hair,and just the right kind of skin to crisp nicely. I hope Jane comes along and explains that stemma. All those shells around the perimeter must indicate some kind of pilgrimage. Or, sea-food lovers.

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  9. In from the church of the poison mind

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  10. Jane

    What beautiful frescos! The stemma is lovely. The stemma of Pistoia held by bears( which I gather is more typical than monkeys) intertwined with the window and it’s Tau. I wonder about the cockles in the background? A possibility that this was one church on the “Vias” that led pilgrims to Rome ….in this case the Via Cassia?

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  11. Stunning – and I’m talking about the Church of Tau and not the sunbathers!

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