Visiting Viareggio

What a treat this turned out to be! Viareggio is just over an hour away from Prato by train. (Except yesterday, when we were delayed by 30 minutes.) That was fine, there were interesting towns to be seen as we made our leisurely way.

Somewhere between Prato and Viareggio

The city, which is part of the Versilia Riviera, is tucked in between the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Apuan Alps which gives it a most appealing setting.

The day was warm and sunny, the people I met were friendly and helpful. In a pedestrian only street, a market with tempting fresh produce was in my path toward the beach. 

The well trodden sand was quite fine, lovely to walk on

The water was so blue, but a bit cool on this spring day.

The sky and the mountains reflected the blue of the sea.

This fellow is the symbol of the Viareggio Carnevale.

Two local policewomen directed me to the Villa Argentina, which is a lovely example of the Arte Nouveau (or Liberty) architecture. On the way, I passed a large public park. This peppy dog had scented something very interesting in the grass.

For those who are Irish, there’s a craik coming soon.

The villa is a beauty and there is free access to the first 2 floors and the terrace. 

This slide presentation shows just some of the lovely architectural features to be seen. (I like Arte Nouveau, do you?)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

On the ground floor, there is a glittering ball room. 

This is comprehensively described in Francis’s excellent post: tiger-hunting-in-viareggios-most-exquisite-art-nouveau-villa




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33 responses to “Visiting Viareggio

  1. I’m not particularly fond of new art;
    That’s an expression I’ve not come across before; peppy dog, is that an Italian expression? It doesn’t appear to be a typo the ‘e’ is a long way from the ‘o’ on the keyboard.
    Hate that mural thing spoils the elegance of the ballroom, floor looks like it’d be a joy to whiz around in a good old “Quickstep”, can just imagine me doing just that 🐻 XD


    • I didn’t write “peepy” dog, you may have noticed.

      The mural thing(s) were quite unexpected, and not quite in keeping with the elegance of the rest of the place. Oh well, a chacun son goût. (I have no idea what that means, but I thought it added a touch of class to our conversation.) 🙂

      You’d be doing a minuet in there, I reckon.


  2. Bridget

    That floor and staircase, I’d like one of each please! So beautiful…love seeing that blue sky…lovely photos! xx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. One year, we decided to have a ‘proper’ holiday – stay in a hotel with half-board and lie on the beach for a full two weeks – in Viareggio. It was hilarious, with the hotel residents and waiters straight out of a comic opera. Glass recycling outside our windows and an all night wedding on our first night. We enjoyed the beach, as I was writing a novel and my husband was catching up with reading. We visited Carrara to look at the marble and almost saw Puccini’s home (closed during opening hours). We really did relax.

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  4. it looks absolutely beautiful there I can just see me sundowner in my hand and people watching as the world goes by 🙂

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  5. What a lovely visit You made shared it with us. I love Your photos Thank You.

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  6. Now I know!!!!! My daughter is at Monash doing Art and Curating and next year she may get to go to Prato. Monash has a centre there of some sort. Look for a big blue flag and Vai Palazzo Via Puglies. See if it’s worth her while.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I wondered what courses the University of Monash had here. I have been past the building a few times. Let’s see what Google says about it. Well, it says plenty! Your daughter would find it a good experience, being in Tuscany, surrounded by art and history.

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  7. What a lovely villa. It would make me want to sit on the terrace with my morning coffee (or evening drink).

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  8. Thank you for the lovely pictures. I can’t quite imagine living in a place like that, but it must have been wonderful.

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  9. I like Art Nouveau too Yvonne, though I rarely get to see any examples in the flesh so to speak. This is a beautiful, beautiful example! But, oh my goodness! Paying to go on beaches? When did this start?

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  10. Maxine

    Something else to add to my bucket list. Thanks Yvonne, and yes I also love Art Nouveau.

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  11. I love Art Nouveau too!

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  12. Omgoodness, look at all that gorgeous blue and green 😍
    And the architectural features are quite impressive as well.
    Sounds like a very lovely day.

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  13. Beautiful country. It must have been a nice train journey. The snow must have melted on the mountains already.

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  14. Gorgeous photos, Yvonne. I like Art Nouveau, too – much more than Deco which is too angular and lacks the lissome lines

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