Clet wuz here

You may recall some of the street signs that had been re-worked by Clet, an artist in Florence. See, for example, this: street-art

I was in Florence a couple of days ago and soon saw a new offering from him. It reminded me of sunny days in Queensland, Australia!

Although not by Clet, I liked this cheeky little red head.




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11 responses to “Clet wuz here

  1. I would be happy for you to show Clet’s work on every post, I am so enchanted by them.


  2. Jane

    Absolutely fun….but why does it make me think of a kid’s bandaid?


  3. Hey, everybody. I can’t comment on your blogs for some reason, so please don’t think I’m being stuck up and neglectful. 🙂


  4. He makes the signs fun doesn’t he! I wonder how many drivers forget to keep going because they are so busy looking at and figuring out the pictures 🙂

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  5. I don’t know how he thinks of all the different ideas. I was pleasantly surprised to see a new one so quickly, et

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  6. Gotta love a clever imagination 😊

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