While I was sleeping

Apparently things were happening that were out of my control. I opened my eyes and saw this. I have no idea what it says. Is this what they mean when they say “A parallel universe”?

When next I became aware of my surroundings, this is what I saw outside the window. “Blessings to you, TV antennae”.

Aha! Now I remember, I booked a trip to Italy, and there I was in Rome.

On my way back from the train station, where I booked my place on train number 8344 to Prato, I  stumbled across several young ladies wearing laurel wreaths on their head. Is this yet another fashion trend that has passed me by? It seems to be a celebration involving prosecco, flowers and confetti, as well as that fetching cranial adornment.

After a cunning bribe later (“Would you like to appear on a world famous blog?”), I am pleased to present Jennifer, a newly graduated Bachelor of Education, whose students will be very lucky to have this vivacious young lady as their guide to all things scholastic. May she enjoy her chosen path in life and always be as happy as  she was today. Grazie, Dottore Jennifer. 

I loved that the fellow grabbed the flowers for the photo op.




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43 responses to “While I was sleeping

  1. Graduate is laureata. Lauro is laurel. Hence the head dress.

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  2. She probably will offer RED CONFETTI – sugar coated ones ! – after lunch/ dinner celebration! 🍾🍸

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  3. Isn’t it a wonderful tradition? We were once sitting, eating outside at Tre Archi in Venice, and it was graduation day (postgrads, I think). The happy decorated groups that passed through shared their delight at their achievement with all of us.

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  4. Bert

    So we should call the bus station the road station? 🙂

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  5. Ah, lovely. Both post and pic of those young Romans.
    I’m afraid I’m not good at sleeping on planes, but I do find the little progress map of the plane’s whereabouts quite engrossing…

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  6. Kim

    I’m glad you’ve moved on too. The weather sounds perfect. Thunderstorms here through the night, Minx didn’t mind a bit 😊

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    It’s a station built along a railway line for trains to stop at or not!
    👿 😈 grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
    (You may have noticed; I have a thing about railway stations, did a blog some years ago)


  8. Don’t forget – When in Rome do what they do in Australia.

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  9. Yay, another wonderful series of armchair Italian travel coming right up!

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  10. You will be missing (not) all the excitement of the 18c law on vilification in parliament today, Yvonne. And more rain as well. You lucky girl!

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  11. Oh man ! Or should I say that your plane is in Oman airspace. You can wake up now Yvonne. 🙂 ❤


  12. I’ll have to settle for bake ziti tonite
    That’s how close I will come to you
    As Sheldon Always


  13. Wish I could doze off and wake up in Italy.

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  14. Wow, a lot happens while you are sleeping! 😉

    YAY you made it there! Have fun fun fun! 🙂

    Congrats to Jennifer on her graduation and best wishes for her future! Teaching is one of the best careers ever! (I was a Kindergarten teacher!) She and her 3 friends are all beautiful young adults!

    Carolyn 🙂

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    • Hi, gorgeous. The kindergarten kiddies would be quite a challenge, I reckon.

      Yes, Jennifer and her friends were just delightful. They sent me on my way with a big smile on my face.

      Hugs to you, Carolyn. ❤

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  15. Were her family and friends singing rude things to that young graduate? That’s what they show they do in Padova….at least for Rick Steves’ cameras?
    Happy to be in the same country as you dear friend.

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    • No, compared to Venice and Padua, this was very restrained, just happiness personified. There were 2 other graduates and their families/friends blocking the narrow pathway, but no one minded at all.

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  16. I’m not quite as fond of Roma as, for example, Firenze, but really (politics aside) anywhere in Italy is a good place to be ….. Yay for you!!

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    • There are going to be protests this weekend in Roma, with an EU leader’s meeting scheduled there. I’m happy to be away from the action, truth be told. The weather (just now) is blissful, cool with a touch of warm.

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  17. Watch out Italy! Yvonne has arrived!


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