A challenge accepted!

In the previous post, Michel (Michel)  commented that there seemed to be a preponderance of male heads. This was followed by me saying I’d look for some female ones, and then Kathryn (conversationalitalian) chipped in to say she couldn’t wait to see these female architectural decorations.

The gauntlet had been thrown down, so what could I do but find a few examples for all of you.

Ladies and gents, I present a tiny sample of the stone (and other types of materials) females to be seen in Venice.



Isn’t she pretty? Those spikes sticking out of her headdress are to deter pigeons.



Well, I think this is a female.





Even some of the door knockers feature female figures.



Now, how’s this for a grand finale?



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49 responses to “A challenge accepted!

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  2. You have outdone yourself.

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  3. Great post! I love the banter it has inspired, too. And maybe we can include Giustina Rossi’s sculpture–not exactly decorative, but commemorative. She’s looking out her window just behind the clock tower at the Piazza.

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    • Argh! I forgot Giustina! The comments are the best part of the posts, I reckon. I’ve found out more about that last image, thanks to some knowledgeable Venetians on Facebook.


  4. Beautiful head collection.



  5. Not female. Donald Trump.

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  6. You certainly succeeded in that challenge! 🙂

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  7. Lol- love the gran finale!!

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  8. The first one looks strikingly like a childhood friend of mine.

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  9. Even though you were careful to say “door knockers”, this is, after all a post about females….add Gerard’s comment….. and anyone old enough to remember the comedienne Rusty Warren and her song “Knockers Up!” (it’s on YouTube) would find a certain mental confluence of these elements irresistible.

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  10. Bert

    I think I know where the last image can be found — Rio Terà San Leonardo, near Calle Paglia. The fifth is in Campo San Stefano. I’m sure I’ve seen your knocker, but I can’t remember where. I’d like to know where the first photo was taken.

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  11. Thanks Yvonne – I’m reading a bit about the Green man at the moment but the last figure looks to be a Green Woman which is not so common (I think) – it’s a really interesting version of a fertility symbol.


  12. They kind of remind me of deer heads on a hunter’s wall.

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  13. You won Yvonne .. You had to navigate a lot to find all of those female head statues ! 🙂
    Beautiful faces sometimes dirtied by pigeon droppings.
    The last sculpture could be a feminist symbol !!! 🙂
    Love ❤

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    • All the lady in the last photo needs is a iron in one hand and a recipe book in the other.

      I’ve got many more female heads in my photo bank, these were the first I came across. ❤


  14. In the last photo you would have that expression on your face if you had a concrete fruit bowl cemented on your head 🙂 ❤

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  15. I’ll have to pull out my old pictures as I am not curious as to who and what I may have captured 🙂

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  16. Ladies are always beautiful and lovely, whether they are humans or sculptures.

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  17. Number three has a very funky hairdo!

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  18. Well done, Yvonne. They can’t have been easy to find 🙂

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  19. Is it just me or do the female heads have a more battered appearance than the general male head population? Also,and please excuse my ignorance, do you happen to know perchance, if Venice has its own version of founding/foundling twins? Only not a she-wolf as in Rome – more a she-tree? Who appears, rather inconveniently, to be birthing some kind of porcine being at the very moment her portrait was done?

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    • There are many legends abounding in Venice, but I’ve never heard of any that pertain to her origin as in the case of Rome.

      This was just a tiny sample, there are many heads (male and female) in varying states of batterdom.

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  20. I always welcome female door knockers.

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  21. That last lady certainly has a strange look on her face.

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