Architectural details

Here are some decorating ideas for your next building project. Remember, it’s the attention to details that reaps benefits.






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48 responses to “Architectural details

  1. I love old architecture
    Especially old buildings
    Such stories they could tell
    If only……
    As always Sheldon

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  2. That’s quite funny, my husband has been putting up another log store today and because he has reused a door for the roof and there are old building stones at the base to shore up the fence behind, it now looks like a Japanese temple…

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  3. wonderful observations these are lovely images !

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  4. I’ve always thought my suburban semi could benefit from the odd balustrade or two…

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  5. Art is art and I love it. Great post.


  6. Can’t wait to see he female architectural “decorations”!

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  7. Why always man ‘ s head ? Feminism was not born at this time !! πŸ™‚
    Love ❀

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  8. Perhaps it is a family gallery. Maybe we should redecorate and add our own portraits to the front of our house. We might start a new trend.

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  9. Bert

    Those heads are just where I thought they were, Yvonne. You’re an *angel* for posting the photos. The palazzo has two names, which is not unusual.

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  10. This is just the information I need for my upcoming architectural project. Thanks for the heads up.

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  11. Jo

    Hi Yvonne – love the architectural details. Where I live in Corfu we have a lot of Venetian buildings and remarkably some of exactly the same heads.
    Maybe they were made in bulk and supplied for various buildings? Would love to know the history behind them.

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    • You live in a lovely part of this world, Jo.

      Your comment conjures up a vision of an ancient assembly line of artisans chipping away to fill an order: “Heads~masculine, curly hair and beard, stern look”.

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  12. Look, kiddo, I’m nearly out of my place and the only architectural construction I ever want to do it to stack a weeks worth of dirty dishes in the drying rack without breaking my wine glasses. But thanks for the thought, anyway.

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  13. With all the talk of dudes and dames, I’m still wondering who that central guy, in your photo, with the curly locks and beard and dead eyes, is supposed to be…

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  14. Beautiful, and is giving me ideas on how to advice the local council when next they approve yet another golden arched McDonalds edifice.
    Did Leonard sing about burning violins?

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  15. In response to Lisa’s suggestion I was thinking if you’re going to modernise may as well internalise also …….. And I must keep this in mind for my next renovation project too πŸ˜€

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  16. I think it would be fun to add some modern heads to a building. Lady Gaga, Mother Theresa, on and on, take your pick. We could let a few dudes in, too, but they’ve already taken up a lot of space on old buildings, so…

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