In which Andante solves the vaporetto crisis

Thanks to the wonderful talents of Andante who reacted to the comment from thecontentedcrafter, I can bring you the future of transportation for tourists to Venice during the busy season. That’s every day except, as Caroline said, a couple of weeks in December and January.

(You may need to click on the cartoon to enlarge it for full appreciation.)

Tourist vaporetto 001




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31 responses to “In which Andante solves the vaporetto crisis

  1. What a great cartoon! The crowd and the descriptions are so perfect!

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  2. Drat couldn’t enlarge it but I think I got the drift. Do keep us posted as you can on the vaporetto issue. I imagine that is a series of stories that will have lots of interesting twists and turns!

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    • But wait, there’s more. The latest proposal to amalgamate 2 routes that go down The Grand canal (one being an express run) is the latest in this saga of “Yes Minister” proportions.

      UNESCO has deemed that Venice will be listed in 2017 as in peril if things aren’t addressed. However, it seems that UNESCO is a toothless tiger. We’ll see.


  3. Andante

    Actually, although we’ve been in Venice ourselves in (deep breath) September, October, November, December, January (not Feb!) March and April …. we’ve never actually wanted to be there in May, June, July or August, as we don’t like heat!
    Thanks for all the pretty compliments on the drawing – we’ll be there again November/December, and are already worrying about camouflage …. oh dear.

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  4. I get the point of the cartoon, although I couldn’t enlarge it either. I’ve never been to Venice, so I haven’t contributed to the tourist crush. I have been to Rome, though. There were massive crowds there too, but the city’s drivers were doing their very best to keep the keep the numbers down.

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    • I’m so disappointed the cartoon won’t enlarge, because Andante’s regulations are spot on. She basically itemises all the things that identify a tourist (clothing, luggage, maps, souvenirs, etc.) which will mean you have to get on the raft, and take part in the propulsion system.

      So, the Roman drivers didn’t get you, it seems. A big bus just about collected me a few years ago.

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  5. Why go to Venice to spend your time traipsing around with millions of tourists? Is it 20 million a year to 60,000 residents? Venice is being destroyed by this invasion.

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  6. il cartoon non si allarga, ma Venezia va bene in qualsiasi stagione tranne forse il mese di agosto : troppi turisti

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  7. I can’t enlarge – but I get the message. We will come in anti-tourist camouflage. We have booked a long train journey with Venice in the middle for the autumn. Roll on autumn!

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  8. Clicking didn’t work, but I got the picture


  9. Darn! There goes my idea of taking the No. 1 down the Grand Canal on my next arrival. It’s the large suitcase packed for a month long stay that would be my problem. But Maybe not on the first of March. After Carnevale ends on Feb 28 I may be a welcome relief.

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    • Good luck! You’ll get on board eventually, and depending on the time of day, you might get a reasonable run. If you’re getting on at Piazzale Roma, you should be OK.


  10. Hooray for Andante and the Contented Crafter. That is one funny cartoon!

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  11. I love the blonde at the back with the dark makeup and the heavy thighs.

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  12. Heh, heh! I’m glad my touristing days are behind me……….. 🙂

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