Sailing, sailing

Chances are there isn’t as much room on the water buses (vaporetti) in Venice at this time of year. Nor is it as cool.

No wonder many people prefer to visit Venice during the winter.


There are plans to give priority on the vaporetti to residents during some of the time frames. Let’s see how that one pans out!


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37 responses to “Sailing, sailing

  1. We try to avoid mid-summer and the school holidays. It usually works!

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  2. Oh, dear, every attractive city has its tourist times. When I get bent out of shape about tourists in the summer, I remember how nice people were to me in Vienna and London and San Francisco and Denver… We’re all tourists at some point. Though I do dislike how they dither at the Metro Doors and stop at the bottom of escalators to peer around…You’ve convince me to visit Venice in the off season!

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  3. I think it would be lively, but incredibly frustrating to live in a high tourist area. We love going downtown here as there is always so much going on, but we can always come home to calm and not be fighting the crowds and traffic right in front of our own place.

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  4. Yvonne I wonder how in the world they would figure out who was a tourist and who was a local? I can see why locals would grow frustrated with the crowds.

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  5. When the vaporetto is crowded, sometimes I’ll put on my headphones with some opera or Italian pop music playing and pretend it’s my own movie soundtrack.

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    • That’s a good way to try to stay tranquil about the situation. Sometimes your movie gets pretty crowded, and full of big pieces of luggage, I think.


  6. I wrote a poem years ago about taking a vaporetto on New Year’s Eve and being very happy. I had a lovely time in Venice – so beautiful.

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  7. I love the vaporetto in winter! Oh heck, even crowded I feel so damn lucky to be on a vaporetto in Venice. Love the picture!

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    • You’re responsible visitors to Venice, and deserve good experiences every time you visit.

      It was a chilly day on the water, the day I took that photo.


  8. Caroline

    There’s an experiment already underway to introduce separate entrances at some boat stops. Only people who live, work or study in Venice have their Cartavenezia passes enabled to get into the priority gates. So far it’s just been implemented at the number 2 stops at Piazzale Roma (towards Rialto) and Rialto (towards PR), plus possibly one or more of the San Marco stops.

    It doesn’t help me, living near Ferrovia, unless I first go to PR – and then the ACTV staff there often open both sections at the same time. The next phase includes the Ferrovia stop but the boat is already full when it gets there…

    Bring back the separate boats, I say!

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    • So, it sounds like the ACTV staff aren’t really putting heart and soul into the separation! Does your ‘enabled ‘ look significantly different from the one many of us frequent visitors have?

      The separate boats on the busy routes and busy times seem a sensible approach. Then, visitors going to or from Ferrovia and PR with luggage have a fair chance of getting onto a vaporetto in a timely manner, and Venetians have their fair go.


      • Caroline

        No, and they keep moaning about in in the press, but to be fair I’m sure they’ve had a lot of grief.

        The cards still look the same, but are electronically enabled for priority access. People who live in Venice proper got their cards updated automatically, while those who work or study here had to present evidence to one of the main ticket offices in order to get their cards converted.

        Apparently the separate boats were scrapped because not enough people used them. Reasons I’ve heard is that they didn’t go far enough (PR to San Marco, I believe) and they were only every 20 minutes. I suppose also for commuters travelling between PR/Ferrovia and Rialto, the 2 or even better the 2 bis would still be quite a bit quicker, and so many might think worth the discomfort. I’d be happy to work around those restrictions, though!

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        • I wouldn’t want to be one of the ACTV gate keepers!

          You’d think they could have fine tuned the separate vaporetti until they got it as good as it could be.


  9. I’ve never travelled in summer. I think you’ve just confirmed why. Hard to live and work in a city that’s on every tourist’s must-see list. People who live on the coast here would concur, I think.

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  10. Tie a raft behind each gondola and put the tourists there?

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  11. They should. It’s not cool for residents to be forced out of their own city…

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  12. I sometimes take the Manly Ferry, close my eyes, and think of Venice.

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  13. It’s been a few years since I visited Venice and had a gondola ride but have happy memories of that visit πŸ™‚

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