Chubby little cherubs (I’ve just been told that they’re really ‘putti’)

Several of the shops in the central area of Lucca have rather appealing little cherubs adorning their facades. I wondered if a smooth talking cherub salesman had gone through the city at some stage, leaving with a lighter sample case and a heavier purse.

They each have their own personality, someone put time and effort into their design and production. Those who know about such things might be able to tell us what they’re made from. Is it glazed terracotta?

My favourite is the little fellow wearing what seems to be a loin cloth that doesn’t quite do its job.








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50 responses to “Chubby little cherubs (I’ve just been told that they’re really ‘putti’)

  1. at least one of them looks a little strained, like it’s too much to bear.

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  2. Ooh! I like these little cuties!
    It would be interesting to learn more about them.
    I collect paintings and knick-knacks of cherubs…that I find at antique shops or thrift stores. 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  3. A certain number of people might have passed by those without noticing, Yvonne. Thanks for sharing them. Wouldn’t you love to know the story of them? Or at least make one up.

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  4. A wonderful collection and, as you say, must be the same artist. It’s good to know he made some sales.

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  5. One of them looks like he’s being strangled…

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  6. Memo to self, “Look up, look up”. I missed these when I was in Lucca and i was there twice! Thanks for bringing them to my attention.

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  7. I agree that he is wearing a waiter’s apron and not a loin cloth. I just hope he doesn’t spill anything hot.

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  8. A pedant writes: The putto with a ‘loin-cloth’ is surely sporting a waiter’s apron?

    A fan writes: Gorgeous 2D images of 3D putti, demonstrating yet again that Venice is not just St Mark’s Square and cruise liners. Thank you 🙂

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  9. The first cherub does not look happy,indeed .
    I have the impression people keep the cherubs but the rest of the facade has changed
    Love ❤

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  10. Reminded me of the dwarves of Wroclaw!

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  11. I was thinking I had never seen girl cherubs before and then I read Cynthia’s comment. Now that’s sorted, I like how they all seem to be busy.

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  12. That’s such a nice Australian expression, John.


  13. Lovely little vegemites.


  14. I like their chubby little knees.

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  15. Interesting part of the world. Even the shop fronts are little works of art.

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  16. I am confused….I thought that the cherubim were sexless and had wings, because they were angels.. sometimes male. The putti, on the other hand, were human children, and I notice these examples could be said to be both male and female….their longer, standing bodies seem also slightly older, less babyish than the cherubim….I am confused….


  17. I enjoy the detail that you find along the way.

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  18. Its never too late to cherish a cherub.

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  19. Very cute – and involved in all stages of grape production or distribution? 🙂

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  20. Lyn

    I will be there in Lucca on Tuesday so I will check these lovely little cherubs out

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