Wait in comfort

In the nearby town of Everton, someone has taken it upon themselves to ensure that people who are waiting for the regional bus which takes them to larger centres can do so in style and comfort.

The furnishings change with the seasons or special holidays. I’m not quite sure what this cozy setting represents, but isn’t it nice that trust prevails, and the panda bear can be safely left there?




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47 responses to “Wait in comfort

  1. I thought it was a shelter for the fans of Everton in Liverpool going to the match of football .
    !! 🙂

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    • Everton must not have many fans, Michel, to be able to fit into that little shelter! 🙂

      We have so many towns named after places in England, there’s a Liverpool in another state, for example.


  2. Not to worry, everything is safe, as the panda has his car. 😀 ❤

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  3. I’m with Bun I believe this will be in the running for the prize of best and definitely most comfortable bus stop.

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  4. This is the world I want to live in. One where neighbors can cozy up the bus shelter and be reasonably sure that it won’t be vandalized by miscreants or the state. 🙂


  5. maristravels

    A lovely idea and who knows what it might lead to. A new charitable feeling in the town? A more friendly view of our neighbours? And perhaps when the sofa does turn dirty and soggy, the same good Samaritans will tow it away to the local dump? Let’s be positive and see only the good in this action.


  6. That is amazing. Could not happen anywhere I have lived.


  7. This may be the world’s most comfortable bus shelter. 🙂

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  8. Quite the opposite of the bus stops in my town where they put rails across the benches (where there are benches at all) to prevent the homeless from sleeping on them.

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  9. I can’t see that couch staying white very long.

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  10. That’s my kind of bus shelter although I’m afraid I’d fall asleep waiting.

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  11. What a sweet idea and so much fun. It’s also nice to hear that it doesn’t get vandalised, which makes a change. You live in a great community Yvonne.

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  12. Susie L

    That is amazing, the nicest bus shelter I’ve ever seen! That is a good way to try and get folks out of their cars and onto public transportation!

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    • I’ll try to capture the next scene on this bus stop stage-setting for you folks.

      Ciao to Marco and the cats. Minx is walking around, meowing pathetically, she thinks she has had about 2 grams short in her morning feed.


  13. I wouldn’t like it if the bus turned up on time!

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  14. Wonderful post Yvonne!! I love that someone cares enough to want to do this and that the users care enough not to trash it! Good things happening in the world!!

    It reminded me of my early childhood, back just before everyone had a phone in their own home. The call box at the end of the street was watched over by its nearest neighbour. She made gingham curtains for the windows, placed a small stool under the telephone and regularly had fresh flowers in a jar sitting on the money box – I thought it was ordinary call box presentation. I still remember the shock I felt when I realised that not all public call boxes were cared for so nicely.

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  15. I love this and that the town feels no need to control the atmosphere. And the fact that it changes–fabulous!

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  16. Jane

    We have a goose in our town who changes with the whims of the seasons. Your stop looks like it is asking for a little artistic direction….a blank slate sort of. Love that panda remains safe!

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  17. I love our country towns. 🙂

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  18. Oh, Yvonne, this is so….moving. Was someone trying to get rid of their furniture and still feel it was a charitable donation? Will there be winds and/or rains that make it all soggy? The Panda is a nice, sentimental touch.
    So many questions…so many possible answers….


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