The pleasant city of Treviso is easily reached by train from Venice. It’s well worth a visit for a few hours (at least) of exploration in the historic centre.

As you walk, you’ll see a number of canals flowing through Treviso, with grassy banks and weeping willows creating a most pleasant atmosphere, especially on warm days.

Aside from being a source of water for the inhabitants in the days when they were often under attack from enemies, the waters of the canals provided the driving force for many water mills which ground the grain for the essential daily bread (and pasta, I guess).

You’ll find a few of these ancient water wheels still quietly turning; I find them so very peaceful and picturesque.





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28 responses to “Treviso

  1. What a wonderful photo presenting old historic wat wheel. Thank You.

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  2. Added to bucket (of water) list.

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  3. I can just imagine sitting with some gelato on a nice sunny day and calmy watching the water wheel go round.

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  4. Fabulous photo, I think Mrs Sensible and I went there on our way to Venice, is there a grappa museum there? With 2 big stills by the door?

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  5. I was lucky enough to have Treviso be the first Italian city in which I lived for an extended period (7 months) and I just fell in love with it. It is my go to place when I want a break from the entire world. I could stand for hours in the lobby of the Ca’ dei Carraresi looking down onto (one of) the canal(s) and across to the pescheria on the island (near a couple of the water wheels), usually after seeing one of the usually superlative exhibitions being held there (the current “El Greco in Italy” is fantastic). Or wandering atop the Medieval “mura” that still surround much of the city on a nice day. Or just happily passing from one portico to another in the rain while window shopping (a pasttime that I rarely ever indulge in, much less enjoy, in any other context)… plus it’s so close to Venice on top of all that. The only negative thing I can say is that it is modernizing, so my all-time favorite bookstore has now hosts cosmetics or intimate wear or som-other-such nonsense; my second favorite (well, now first, by default) bookstore which used to be four floors and have half of one of those dedicated to stationary and such is now down to two floors and a Moleskine display; my favorite pasticceria with glass floor tiles so you could see the canal pass under the building is now a coiffeur or similar nonsense; and my favorite osteria “casalinga” also changed management recently when the “ormai” 70+y.o. owners retired, and while the place still kept much of the menu selections, most of the prices nearly doubled, and much of the old charm has dissipated. The inexorable march of progress, I suppose…

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  6. When I win the lottery my house will have a water wheel. And a babbling brook. And a fountain. And a lake. And a waterfall.

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  7. I like the design, too. It’s pretty to look at. As for listening to running water, I agree that it is very suggestive. A nephew once gave us a gift of one of those little indoor table fountains that are supposed to put you in a peaceful meditative mind and all it did for me was to constantly make me feel like I had to pee.

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  8. The water wheel is beautiful. And the moss on it!

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  9. When I lived in the UK I lived near to an old water wheel which still sometimes turned for special occasions. It was rather noisy, but quite mesmerising! I love water anywhere 🙂

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  10. A great way of using nature in giving alternative energy.

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    • They, and wind mills are excellent. We had a wind mill on our farm in Canada that produced a little bit of electricity for us. What a change from coal oil lamps!


  11. The water wheels would be peaceful, turning slowly and gently.

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  12. Susie L

    I was just saying to Marco yesterday that I want to go back to Treviso! Lovely photos, Y.

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