Aqueduct, Lucca

There is a magnificent aqueduct constructed by Nottolini (1823-32) found  to the south of the walled part of Lucca. It was just a couple of minutes from the apartment where I stayed.

Water was collected from springs on the northern slope of Mount Pisano, filtered through sand and gravel and carried to Lucca via this aqueduct. It was held in the San Concordia tempio, pictured below.


From the San Concordio temple/tank, potable water was led by metal pipes into fountains in the city


There is an easy walking path along the aqueduct, it would be a great place to take a bike ride!


Water was channelled inside a conduit that passed over a row of more than 400 arches in brick and masonry for a length of about 3250 metres. (Roughly 2 miles for the metrically challenged.)


Nowadays,  you will notice many water fountains in Lucca, with locals refilling bottles and containers. The water comes from the mountains between Lucca and Pisa, called “Monti Pisani“. My landlady told me it is tested regularly, and  that it tasted much better than the water piped into the houses. She was right!



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36 responses to “Aqueduct, Lucca

  1. Awesome. Gorgeous photos.

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  2. Wow Yvonne, beautiful. Thank you.


  3. Beautiful pictures! Why did you ever leave?

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  4. I really love the water temple!


  5. I want one of those aqueducts to water my garden…

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  6. One of those things that just should not be taken for granted

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  7. What a great building. The aqueduct is spectacular. What a nice way to have your water delivered.

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  8. I love those aqueduct photos. Amazing structures!

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  9. We had a little apartment with a view of Nottolini framed by the kitchen window. Nice and clise to the station. Thanks for bringing nottolini home again.

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  10. julie

    Love to see these aquaducts ! The Romans taught them well

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  11. Great post Yvonne. It flowed so well 😀 ❤

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  12. What a lovely water-tank. Of course, the beauty at that time came naturally. Amost instinctively Now, no matter how many sign up for ‘design courses’ at university, we live amongs acres of subdivisions with bulging MacMansions divided by colour-bond fences and roller doors. ( remote controlled)

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  13. Those Italians! Even their plumbing is pretty!

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  14. Such a fancy water tank. Gotta love it.


  15. So many wonderful and historical sights to see.

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