Last day surprises

I literally ran into a friend from Venice (well, Mogliano now), as we came around corners near Santa Maria Novella in Florence. What  a lovely surprise to see you, David, and meet your new bike!


I don’t know this wrestler, but we  do know that Clet has been at work again.


On my way to find a place to eat dinner, I stumbled across a museum I’d never seen before. I’ll be there tomorrow when it opens.


And, from the little balcony outside my hotel room, if I stand on tiptoe whilst craning to the left, look what I can see. (No, I don’t mean the forest of TV antennae.)


Brunelleschi’s triumph (Florence)


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33 responses to “Last day surprises

  1. To look out my window and see that – that glorious duomo – that would do it for me! Just gorgeous.
    A triumph indeed! For both of you….tippy toes and all! xo

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  2. julie

    Looks a lovely day in Venice on the webcam, and Florence 10 degrees too !


  3. julie

    Love that view Yvonne, what is the name of your hotel? I’ll be in Florence in April. That pic of your friend reminds me of my dad, he loved his bike too


  4. What a stunning view. I can’t believe your wonderful Italian adventure is nearly over already.


    • It’s such a lovely day today. I have to wait to see some friends in the costumes Andrew made, on the live webcam in Venice. Then, I’m out of this room and into the sunshine (and exhaust fumes … I’d forgotten about them.)


  5. Oh that street sign is hilarious. Nice to hear it’s a removable sticker. All in good fun then.


  6. I sometimes feel like having a good Marini too. 😉
    Glad to see helmets are not obligatory in Italy. In Australia, many heart attacks could be avoided if people would be able to ride a bike without helmets. The pay offs with more people riding a bicycle and get fitter (avoid a heart attack) would more than outstrip the few times they crash their bike.

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  7. Great when you run into friends unexpectedly, eh?

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  8. Susie L

    Another fun work by Clet! That is quite a view from your room, Y!

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  9. I love Marino Marini and the museum!!!

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  10. Ah, a room with a view! We managed to get one such in San Spirito years ago (Pensione Sorelle Bandini, wonder if it’s still there, with its top floor loggia?) and shed a little tear when the bells rang out …

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  11. Jane

    i have only stumbled on that little Museum when it was closed! Inside there is a beautiful tomb designed by Alberti which was in what was once a church. If you look closely you will find family Rucellai Sails as at SMN and some Medici diamond rings. I would like to be in your shoes to finally see this!


  12. The dome of the cathedral of Florence is a wonder of the Renaissance!
    About biking , I suppose you are practicing like David, Yvonne !! 🙂
    Love ❤

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  13. Is Clet an Italian Banksy?

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