You’ve got mail

 This Post Office employee in Lucca gets to drive a very excellent, economical (and, let’s not be coy: cute) vehicle. She spotted the very person for whom she had a special delivery item, called out to her and stopped right there on the intersection.


More quickly than I could possibly order a spritz con Campari, the item was signed for and passed to the recipient, and she was on her way again. Brava, signora.


That reminds me, I haven’t had a spritz since I left Venice.



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32 responses to “You’ve got mail

  1. That’s a snappy little vehicle and I’m betting it is super easy to park. Or better yet, why park when you can just squeeze into the corner like that!


  2. Just dropped by to see what you were up to
    Looks like what they call a smart car

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  3. Talk about custom mail delivery! That is some good customer service !
    And the car is cute🐥

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  4. A spritz! A most sophisticated drink, if I may say so myself!!! (ok, maybe more casual than sophisticated, but I’m trying to justify my love for it!)

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  5. She’d be much better protected from the elements than our poor posties on their scooters but she wouldn’t be able to deliver me my mail right at my front door like mine does while still on his scooter. 🙂

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  6. The same thing happens in our local village, but the postie has a heap of a car or is walking 😀 ❤

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  7. Very cool. This reminds me of my mother’s mail carrier who delivered something with a slightly wrong address. When she noted it, he said, “We know where you live.” Well, yes, in a small place. Get yourself a spritz!

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  8. I LOVE that little car – but I’d be afraid I might tip it over…….. 🙂

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  9. Our postman does deliver by small motor-bike. Milo respects him and exludes the postman from his hatred of motor-bikes. The postman respects Milo for not biting him and pets Milo. It is a give and take situation..

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  10. Efficient and now it’s time for a spritz.

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  11. One of the pleasures of small-town living is a familiarity with one’s postal delivery person. The other day my husband was out walking the dogs and our mailman (is that redundant…maleman?) hailed him saying he had a delivery for him that required a signature. Signature obtained, he drove off and delivered the package to our box where my husband retrieved it at the end of his walk. At Christmas I get a photo of his beautiful young family with a note of thanks for my token of appreciation for his service. It’s just one little piece of the fabric that makes a community home.

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  12. No spritz since Venice? Oh dear…..are people beginning to keep their distance from you?

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  13. Excellent captured… 🙂

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