I’ve been to Livorno, and I saw

Livorno is situated on the Gulf of Genoa. To get there involved:

waking up

taking a train to Pisa

changing to another train to Livorno.

Now, I won’t say I’m a lazy tourist, but why can’t they sort of cluster all the attractions in one or two blocks, very near the train station. If I was in charge of city planning, that’s how I’d do it. I walked, trudged, shuffled for 45 minutes before I found the centre of the city. And, I just knew I’d lose my way on the return trip. And, I did.

Anyhow, Livorno has a canal running from the Gulf through part of the city. It disappeared under a big piazza, I didn’t find out where it emerges again. I’d like to have the boat parking franchise here.


There’s a huge Central market building on one side of the canal. I’ll bet it’s busy during opening hours.


Jane, another indistinct stemma for you!


Livorno is such a copy cat. It has its own Arsenale, just like Venice. It doesn’t look quite as ancient though.



The copy-cat Arsenale

Being a seaside town, it’s not surprising there were signs that folks do some fishing here.


So, then I headed for home, via the shopping district. The porticoes seem relatively modern, including pavement that needs repairs.


One of the best things I saw was the Cisternino … Little Cistern.


Here, you can read all about it yourself.


No Italian city is complete without some sort of bow to Garibaldi, and Livorno is no exception.


I saw other stuff too, but I was in a bad mood by then with all the walking and dodging of traffic that was needed.

The walk back to the station seemed to take forever, and it’s no doubt because I went in a zig-zag manner, instead of straight. Then, I discovered the hard way what “Lato ovest” means. They have skilfully hidden little extra tracks for some of the trains, and the one back to Pisa was in this category. So, I missed the first train, and finally found the next one behind the toilets and some shrubs.

Ah, Italy, you always provide humbling learning experiences!


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46 responses to “I’ve been to Livorno, and I saw

  1. Luca Marchiori

    What a lovely post. I particularly like the statue of Garibaldi. My local town of Anghiari (Province of Arezzo) has a similar one with him pointing into the distance. Underneath are written the words ‘O Roma, o morte!’ (‘Either we capture Rome, or we die!’) Unfortunately the statue has its back to Rome and is instead pointing in the direction of Milan. I guess it’s the thought that counts.

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  2. Another excellent, well illustrated, tour. If my name were Bruce I might say it takes the biscuit

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  3. Really lovely pictures! Aren’t you tempted to ‘lose’ your passport and stay there forever eating gelato and cakes? 😉

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  4. Oh dear, it sounds like you were a little worn out by the end of the day. I know the feeling though, when things don’t go quite how you expect. Travelling with no car can be challenging at times.

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  5. Susie L

    I hate it when I am visiting a new place and have my cranky-pants on. The first time Marco and I visited Ascoli Piceno, I was completely enchanted. He wasn’t, as he had dropped his camera on the travertine sidewalk 2 minutes after our arrival. He had his cranky-pants on the whole day. The following year, we went back for a longer stay, senza cranky-pants. We went back again and again.

    I am loving your excellent reporting as always, Y! Forza! Do they make spritz in Lucca?

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  6. I thought we were going to play that game. I was expecting you to say you saw something starting with Y and then it would be my turn. “I’ve been to Livorno, and I saw a yurt and a helicopter.”

    But I guess I can be happy with pictures of fancy water tanks instead.

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  7. It’s a bit different from Myrtleford isn’t it.

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  8. glad you finally found your train…behind the toilets and some shrubs. Sounds very like my own kind of experiences with Italian logic!

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  9. A nice journey again. Does one need a GPS to find the way around? What about the public loo’s. Are they OK? At my age that would be of main concern. Never mind the Cisternino, where are the toilets?

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    • Here’s what you do. Spot a bar (*), peer through the window to spot the WC sign, go in and order a cup of coffee (or whatever takes your fancy), then slope off to the loo. Repeat during the day, as necessary.

      Isn’t cisternino a nice word?

      (*) Most of you will know that a bar in Italy provides everything from coffee through to spritz, not like the bars we’ve got in Oz, for example.


  10. As an American tourist said of Windsor Castle ‘Why on earth did they build it so close to the airport?’

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  11. Caroline

    Tickled by the Cisternino – how big is the Cisternone?!?

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  12. Bert

    It’s not everybody who carries a compass with them either, when they are trying to catch a train.

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  13. Oh that exact thing happened to us in Florence. What are those tracks doing hidden like that. We made our connection but only after running at speed nearing cardiac arrest inducing levels of exertion. Wowza.
    I appreciate your tour but yes too bad those city planners don’t have the tourist in mind. 🙂

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  14. Sorry you were in a bad mood, but Livorno is lovely.


  15. Italy! So much zest for life – all over the place!

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  16. Hmm, wonder if the reason all the “sites” aren’t in the same spot is because hundreds of years ago when they were built they had no idea that there was such a thing called “tourists” who would be hiking from the train station (Mamma, what is this thing called “train”?) to see them. They were just ordinary places to the people who lived there at the time.
    Traffic! Dodging cars and motorbikes! Yikes!
    Dorothy, we are not in Venice anymore!

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  17. Italy is totally on my bucket list, now I have to bullet-point Livorno! Great post, come visit me, my blog is lonely….

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  18. I haven’t done it justice, it has an interesting history for sure!


  19. Livorno is lovely – and seems worth your effort! The fishing nets is my favorite pic in this post – but the snapshots you gave show a nice taste of this place – #loveitaly


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