Offering number 1 from Lucca

I arrived here mid-afternoon, and after meeting my new landlady and replenishing the pantry, I went for a walk in the historic centre.

What a contrast to Venice! And, here is what I chose as my first gift to you from this city.


It’s on the Chiesa Santa Maria della Rosa. I’ll have to find out a little bit about this church, for sure!


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37 responses to “Offering number 1 from Lucca

  1. Next post can you tell us where Lucca is in relation to places that ignorami like me might know.

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  2. I googled Lucca to see where in Italy it’s situated. What a nice area to be in. Will you be doing some day trips?

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  3. I love it when old stories are told in stone…”.the lion shall lie down with the lamb, and when he comes around the corner, he shall eat him”….but when it’s in stone they never come around the corner!

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  4. Keep them coming! I can’t wait for your next post.

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    • My big plan for today is to walk around the city on the wall, but there’s bound to be something inside the walls to capture the imagination. It’s such a shock not to be going up and down bridges all the time.

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  5. Jane

    Where is your apartment? You’re one lucky lady!

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    • It’s directly behind the railway station (separated by a couple of streets), so it’s easy to navigate.

      There’s a fountain at the end of the street where people come from all over Lucca to get the water. That water comes from its source in the hills via a Roman aqueduct! I’m going later on to fill the container they keep in the apartment.

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  6. Susie L

    The lion and the lamb, lovely choice Y! I’ve never been to Lucca, but it has always intrigued me. I’m looking forward to following along on your adventures.

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  7. Now you are in Lucca? I did an Italian course there in 2014. 🙂

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  8. It was nice to be in Venice, and now you’re lucky to be in Lucca. I had to look it up on the map. I’m looking forward to being a couch-tourist.

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  9. How nice for you to have a change of scene.

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  10. julie

    looking forward to the posts, somewhere I have always wanted to visit! Are you going back to Venice after Lucca or home ?

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    • I hope you get here one day, Julie, with your observant eyes, you’d find a lot to like.

      Yes, it’s back to the heat of Australia from here, Julie. They’ve sure had an oven-like summer there.


  11. That column reminds me of an Old Testament prophesy: the lion will lie down with the lamb!

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    • I reckon that’s exactly what it is, Sheila. The carvings look mighty old, don’t they? The church is from the 14th/15th centuries, so I guess the carvings would be from that era, roo.

      There were people in YOUR apartment again this week. How dare they! 🙂


  12. Lovely Lucca. I will be back in about 1 month.

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  13. The lion and the lamb lying down together–they both look just born, if that’s possible for something with a mane. Were it so!

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  14. Love Lucca!!! A couple of favorites, albeit from 15 years ago: 1) La Buca di S.Antonio (restaurant) located at Via della Cervia 3. 2) Taddeucci (pasticceria) San Michele 34 — their Buccellato Taddeucci was yummy. Looking forward to more of your offerings from Lucca. 😉

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  15. Maxine

    How long will you be in Lucca? Tom and I were there a couple of times. A really charming place. I look forward to reading about your discoveries.

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  16. Oh boy, I found such an interesting story about this church. I’ll be heading back there, for sure!

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