Revealed at low tide

There seem to have been an unusually large number of low tide events in the canals of Venice this winter. This gives you the opportunity to see things that are normally hidden by the water. The first three photos were taken near Chiesa di San Francesco della Vigna, in Castello.

You can see the high tide mark quite clearly on this insignia.


The next photos show the effects of tidal movement, and also that of the wave motion created by motorised boats in this canal.



On the Riva degli Schiavoni, the walkway is becoming quite seriously damaged in some places, by the very same causes. Parts of it look ready to tumble into the lagoon.


See you all later, when I report from Lucca. Be good while I’m travelling.



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36 responses to “Revealed at low tide

  1. Sad to see, but I love the relief exposed by the low tide. Luccis a gem. Many years ago I first beheld the wonder of cyclists spinning along with open umbrellas. Of course all Italians have at least three hands.

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  2. I love that insignia – what a delightful find. Happy travels!

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  3. love these photos – they are just my cup of tea

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    • It’s not a spot where people would walk, but there are other places (like in the last photo) where I wonder how long the stones can withstand the forces of the water.


  4. Enjoy your travels. I’ve enjoyed your pics.

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  5. Like a treasure hunt. Happy travels!

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  6. Don’t get run over by a passing speedboat my friend. 😀 ❤

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  7. Jane

    Oh a stemma for my pleasure. Crossed arms below the cross…a Franciscan coat of arms….must be related to the near by church. Thanks for adding it to my collection!

    I’m excited to see Lucca with you, sorry I can’t carry your cases!

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  8. Oooh, Lucca! Lovely. And very different from lovely Venice where shabby chic sadly seems to be sliding slowly towards merely shabby.

    Buon viaggio, Yvonne!

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  9. Sad to see the deterioration.

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  10. Cara Yvonne, Venice will miss you.
    I’m looking forward to seeing Lucca trough your eyes.
    As Cynthia says…just look pathetic, maybe add a limp and some nice strapping Italian will lift and carry your bag for you.
    In 2012 when I was leaving and trudging my bags over two bridges a woman…probably in her 30’s…out to do her shopping grabbed my large suitcase and hauled it over the bridge near the Punto like it was weightless! And she had her empty shopping trolley in the other hand.
    I should have been born and raised in Venice!

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  11. Water is very powerful. Have a great trip.

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  12. I hope some offers come through for you….maybe if you try to look pathetic, a gallant person will carry it for you. I imagine chivalry is not totally dead, these days, especially in Europe.

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