Just felines

There is quite a large colony of cats in the courtyards of the Civic Hospital in Venice. They all look healthy and well nourished.

This black warrior was stalking a bird, but I think his rather rotund belly stopped him from the full attack mode he had in mind.




This pretty cat just sat and watched the black fellow. Then she melted into the rubbish in the background.


And, this attractive cat gave me that “What do you think are you doing” look cats do so well.



I wonder how many generations of cats have prowled the courtyards of the hospital, keeping it free of rodent pests?



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43 responses to “Just felines

  1. I like the one with the pirates eye patch. And I think the ginger one is a he not a she, or at least it’s a very strong possibility.

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  2. That glossy black fellow is a bit of a porker. The mice need to make him run faster.

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  3. Perhaps that black cat indulged in too many late night gelatos? It happens. I’ve heard. πŸ˜‰

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  4. The first time we traveled to Italy I had no idea why there were so many cats. Yes well fed and earning their keep on rodent patrol.

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  5. They’re all quite fat. Perhaps because they have no humans to leave mice for.

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  6. cadeauca

    Reminds me of how Russia’s Hermitage Museum is home to a bunch of cats to keep mice at bay as well. I can’t get over how chubby the black one is!

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  7. Lovely cat pictures Yvonne πŸ˜€ ❀

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  8. Susie L

    They look like they are in good health, that makes me happy. I do miss seeing some of the old cat colonies though. San Zaccaria had a thriving colony, back in the ’90’s. Isn’t it wonderful that Dingo does such a good job!

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  9. Andante

    Cats are good for you – highly medicinal. When we’ve been in Venice, missing our own cats at home, we’ve been reduced to nipping over to Burano, or Torcello, just to find a cat or two. The Torcello cats are especially good at giving you a little attention when you most need it. Very few cats around most of the time in Venice itself, though.

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    • The neighbours in the next door apartment have two cats, one of which is highly sociable. If her folks aren’t home by about 6-ish, she yowls at my door, and comes in to take over the place. It’s lovely to have her funny company.

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  10. A good Jack Russell will keep rodents at bay just as well.

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  11. JoanneH

    The black one is so sleek he certainly is well fed the odd markings on the last one makes him look like a tough customer. I have had many cats come and go on the ranch only a few have stayed a lifetime. They hang around the barns and keep the mice under control and I of course feed them something each day but not enough that they forget their job of keeping mice and snakes at bay.

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    • How far is your ranch from other properties? Are your cats born at your place, or are they drifters who wandered in?

      Snakes! Wow, you’ve got very good hunters at your place.


      • JoanneH

        I have 900 acres + about 200 in swamp which is a duck club active from October to end of January which is state allowed hunting season. Most is leased out but I have 55+\- I keep for pasture for my horses and house. The cats are mainly wild living outside of town people dump a ton of them out here as well as dogs which I also have a couple that have become yard dogs. Being near the main canal a lot of animals travel the canal bank going from where they came to where they are going some stop off most move on. Every spring I have tons of kittens some stay, some move on + whatever mother cats get dumped out here from town. We once even had a sea lion who somehow got in the river (it empty’s into SF Bay) and then into the canal went past my place down the line and ended up sitting on the back of highway patrol car. Think he forgot his GPS

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  12. If they’re homeless, I’m glad to hear there’s a good rescue org. on the job. (No one ever really “owns” a cat anyway.) That golden girl looks just like my cat Hallelujah…

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  13. I’m sure there have been cats for as long as there have been mice and rats. May the cats win.

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  14. Do not count out the black one with the “belly”. My Diavolo (who looks almost exactly like that including the “belly”) has no trouble catching birds and is faster than he looks. I try to keep him well fed so he doesn’t need them but sometimes he just can’t help himself. Last summer he caught and ate a hummingbird.


  15. I wouldn’t mess with any of those ferocious looking felines. Ye Gods they make me shiver just the way they look at you.

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  16. I feel sorry for all those homeless cats.

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