In which I eat

Someone complained to me that, aside from telling you about the best spaghetti con vongole in the world,  I don’t talk about food when I’m in Venice.

So, let me correct that oversight by reporting on lunch yesterday.

I was waiting for a small museum near the civic hospital to open. It’s only open on Monday afternoons, a very tiny window of opportunity. I wandered around the calli of the area, until I found a little Osteria and squeezed my way in.

I was impressed by the well groomed appearance of this gent having a glass of wine at the bar, and tucked my jeans clad legs as far as I could under the table.


My choice from an interesting menu was ravioli with pears, with a cheese sauce, and a sprinkle of walnuts. The ravioli were shaped like little money bags.


They were very tasty, the pears made a nice change from the usual fillings you find in ravioli.


I do believe I’m full. There’s the name of the Osteria on the placemat.

You can find the Osteria al Portego on Calle della Malvasia, Castello 6014. They also have a very good choice of cicchetti, with a wide range of beers and wines. alportego




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59 responses to “In which I eat

  1. Now you’ve gone and made me hungry.

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  3. Another one for my list of anticipation.

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  4. lynda

    Looks like I’m not the only person to enjoy dining with you from across the pond!


  5. The pear filling is wonderful! In my grandmother’s journal I saw a recipe of a filling made from pears, walnuts, pepper, a hint of cinnamon and chili in cream sauce and capers.. will make that on the weekend – andI’ll post the recipe for you next week

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  6. Mmmm I enjoyed that meal immensely!

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  7. Pear ravioli sounds so interesting – and the custom money bags are fun!

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  8. Oh my, you and Derrick. I’d like to spend some time eating with both of you!

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  9. Yum, that looks divine.
    I have often used pear in unusual ways but never in pasta. I have a similar recipe but not ravioli…it’s a pasta of your choice (I usually use fettuccine) and the sauce is made with cream, Gorgonzola cheese, walnuts and apples. I think I’ll substitute pears next time I make it.

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  10. Susie L

    I’m glad to know you are getting some sustenance, Y. All of this prowling about and exploring can deplete one! The ravioli looks and sounds divine, especially if you washed it down with a good red.

    I like that gentleman’s style.

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  11. That looks yummy….fruit and cheese, what’s not to like? By the way, I am trying to figure out, from the perspective of your photo…. is that ravioli on a plate? a tray? or just slopped on the table?

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    • Look, I’ve gone through a demoralising strikethrough depressive state today, Cynthia.

      The ravioli were beautifully presented on a white plate. I soon destroyed the artistry. I can see why you had trouble working it out, there was just nothing to give you a sense of perspective.

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      • I feel your pain, Yvonne. I wasted a lot of time doing that yesterday, and I don’t even know why I wanted to cross things out when I have a perfectly good delete key. But, now that I’ve mastered the strikethrough, who knows to what blogging depths I might sink!

        That’s interesting about the white plate. I’m glad you weren’t eating off the tabletop….it reminds me of certain fastidious women in my past who used to say “her house is so clean you could eat off the floor.”

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  12. Bert

    What was the museum? Do we find out tomorrow?


    • It’s a combination of the old pharmacy in the first part, then a pathological anatomy display in the next bit. It might not hold attraction for those who don’t find anatomic abnormalities interesting! I can see why it is only open for restricted hours, the attendant was so bored he was dusting things!

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  13. Jane

    I never considered the pear would be in the ravioli. I have seen them offered, but never tried them. Was the pear mixed with something else? Do you know any great tiny places near Santa Sophia? Hoping so much to get there later in the spring!

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    • It just seemed to be pieces of pear, but I was hard to determine. Prowl around in Calle dell’ Oca, I recall a couple of small places there, but couldn’t tell you their names.


  14. Cake. We need cake. Not that I’m biased or anything.

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  15. Who made you do this food posting thing. Just finish cheese on toast and a glass of lemon cordial and you have to go and make me feel all miserable and discontented. Basta.

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  16. I love this post. I really like the photos especially the one of the legs. My husband dresses a bit like this and he is my muse. The dish sounds wonderful and made me hungry.

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    • He really looked very stylish. His overcoat was woolen, and had a deep pleat at the back. Of course, he wore a hat. Your husband would approve.

      I liked the idea of pears in ravioli, maybe (big maybe) I’ll try that when I get back home.

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  17. Anything starting with an O grabs my attention. When followed by an S T E R as well, I am all ears. Do they serve any raw herrings?

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  18. The ravioli with pears looks delicious. I bet you the guy’s calf muscles under those patterned trousers are nothing compared to most of the calf muscles on statues one sees around Venice.

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  19. I wouldn’t be able to eat that ravioli. I’d be too busy searching little “money bag” for cash.

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  20. Janet Graham

    Really liked that Osteria, when we stayed in that part of Venice,

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