In labore …

I happened upon this in Sant’ Elena.




The inscription under the Madonna and Child translates to something like:

 In labor, rest – in the cold, comfort and warmth  – in any weather, safety



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16 responses to “In labore …

  1. Oh, I do like this. As well as the way the wiring went around.

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  2. What a wonderful and peaceful message. Sometimes we need to remember it and feel peace.


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    Beautiful! Margot

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  4. That’s a lovely, reassuring inscription….does it also apply to the cable company wiring there?

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  5. Bert

    How odd to see Al Gore’s name up there!☺
    Thanks for the translation. I have a photo of the same from 2013. I don’t think I even noticed the inscription.

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  6. He does! It’s like He’s saying “Look at Me, I’m very cute.”


  7. The little baby Jesus has got quite a cheeky little look on His face.

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