The weather has been so kind!

After I found the monument to the bombing of the vaporetto Giudecca in Pellestrina yesterday, I spent some time exploring in this part of the lagoon.

Pellestrina looks so little on the map, but it is obviously a vibrant community.

I started my visit near the bottom end, walked for a while, then caught a bus to S.M. del Mare to join the ferry to Lido.


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This was a fruit and vegetable market

This was a fruit and vegetable market

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I got off the bus in Malamocco, to walk a bit more. I was able to see Poveglia, if only from a distance.

This island was recently put up for sale, but the attempt was thwarted by some concerned Venetians who didn’t want to see yet another (probably failed) attempt to build a luxury hotel. It has a rather interesting history, do yourself a favour and read a little of this article.  asylum-ghosts-plague-history


In a quiet yard, I was treated to the sight of some sculptures that some of you may have seen in Venice itself.



And, a favourite little vehicle of many visitors to Italy, the 3 wheeled Ape.


I caught a bus back to Lido, then took the vaporetto to the Giardini stop. A very satisfying lunch of spaghetti con vongole (clams) at this trattoria on the Via Garibaldi, left me replete.


The remains of the feast.


I walked home to Campo Santo Stefano, trailing a cloud of garlic fumes, with a happy smile on my face, and a trace of olive oil on my chin.


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32 responses to “The weather has been so kind!

  1. Caroline

    What a shame I couldn’t come with you. I’ve wanted to go to Pellestrina since before we moved here – ever since I read Donna Leon’s book set there – but still haven’t managed it. Maybe this summer! I’ve been wondering if there’s a way to get hold of that fairly detailed map of it that you can see in some vaporetto stops at present. So in the meantime, thank you for the photos. That apparent heap of rubbish out at sea is most intriguing – art or shed? And I wonder what those sculptures are doing there?

    The purchase of Poveglia wasn’t actually thwarted by the concerned citizens – our new(ish) mayor won the auction, but the government body which oversees these things subsequently ruled that his winning bid wasn’t enough. Then, as part of his electoral programme (some might say raft of bribes) he said he’d drop the matter. But you’re right, the Poveglia Association is still actively seeking to take it over and restore it for the benefit of the community.

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    • Yes, do take a day or two to explore all the way to Chioggia. Walking either within the communities or on the murazzi footpaths is easy and rewarding. The buses are frequent and all seem to eventually head back to the Lido. Good luck finding the map.

      I couldn’t remember the name of the artist who does those exuberant sculptures. I think he has a gallery between Campo Santo Stefano and Santa Maria del Giglio. maybe he stores them out there on Malamocco.

      Thank you for clarifying the matter of Poveglia. Maybe one day we’ll share a walk and picnic on that island.


  2. Spend I mean. The peril of commenting on the phone and accidentally pressing enter!

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  3. Wandering is a lovely way to sirens a day

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  4. There are en number of things I should be doing rather than reading another post about Venice… and there is Poveglia – we saw a programme about the mental asylum, with live footage, many years ago. Then we are in Via Garibaldi at a very familiar looking trattoria… back to those other tasks now.

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  5. Next time you go out to eat spaghetti with garlic clams remember to take a hanki.

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  6. Yvonne, you have perfected the art of living! As has the sculpted dancer in one of the pictures. I’m surprised the island has been deserted so long. It is sad to see buildings fall into disrepair, and it’s obvious the place is grown wild. Enjoy the lovely weather. We are temporarily in the deep freeze.

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    • The fate of Poveglia is still being discussed. An online fund raising project was carried out at the time of the threatened sale. The group is trying to get government approval to use the money to develop the island for access for picnics, tours, etc.


  7. Love the picture of “all the stuff”!

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  8. Jane

    Lovely to have enough time to go farther afield on the other islands….I also saw and enjoyed the movie on Chioggia. Garlic is my idea of icing also!!

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  9. All that sun, and color, and stunning beauty I rejoice for you! Here we are frozen. Sigh.


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  10. PS after all that walking, you deserved those clams.

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  11. What a wonderful day you had.

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  12. julie

    Lovely pics Yvonne, I’ve seen those sculptures on Lido, specially the one relating to the well known Queen song ! struck a chord with me lol

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  13. Your slide shows remind me of a film I saw recently “Shun Li and the Poet” which was filmed in Chioggia.
    Beautiful shots as always.

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