Yesterday, I visited the Palazzo Grimani in Castello.

I was drawn to the fireplaces in several of the many rooms in this Palazzo.  However, the quality of the lighting, and my poor judgment in selection of cameras led to very poor images. Sigh.

But, all was not lost. The last one I came across  made me very happy I wasn’t one of the Grimani children. What must they have made of the figure above the opening of the fireplace? And, what were the seniors of the Grimani family thinking when they commissioned this?




Good night, little children. Sweet dreams.


Now, isn’t that a nice change from veiled ladies and chubby knees?

And check out what arlingwords has done in response to the many mentions of fritelle: arlingwords

You can try them at home!



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50 responses to “Fireplaces

  1. A truly amazing fireplace indeed. The demon looks scary but the composition is outstanding. I wonder what was the painting, that was placed in an now empty area.
    I am not sure if I would put a fireplace like that in my living area, but we do not know the story behind it, maybe there was a serious meaning to it…


  2. Caroline

    Ooh, well-spotted, I’ve never noticed that – I especially like your slow reveal! Do you know what that room was? I can’t remember if any of the rooms there are labelled by their function – or are they just named after the scenes pictured in the frescoes etc?

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    • It was right near the end (on the first floor, the next floor was closed off). No I don’t remember the name of that room, in fact some near the end weren’t provided with information sheets, as I recall.


  3. julie

    I think he is a cute monster, like those cartoon type.

    Yvonne are you living in Victoria ? Found out recently through ancestry my Great Great grandads brother and his family moved there in the late 1800’s, know any Spibys ? Its a very unusual name ( mums maiden name)

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  4. I love that the real people in the design world occasionally get to have their own say!

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  5. I have been taking photos of fireplaces too. Perhaps we should have a conversation by sending each other photos of fireplaces?

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  6. That’s a gruesome display for the family room.

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  7. He’s quite a friendly monster and his rib bones are shaped more like bones with a joint. I do like his backbone though. Maybe he’s guardian of the fire.

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  8. Very cool! And Unique!


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  9. Eek! I do hope they didn’t eat the innards for dinner!

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  10. Yikes! Now there is a conversation starter when you have folks over for tea!

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  11. I would give my eye teeth for some nice barbecued spare ribs right now….

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  12. That should be the fireplace in the guest room….to keep guests from staying too long.

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    I think they wanted to warn that fire consumes, How is that for imagination! Thanks once again for sharing. Love, Margot

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  14. No bones about it Yvonne. You’re on fire with this post 😉 ❤

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  15. A set of intact ribs is a beautiful thing.

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  16. Oo mummy I can see his bones!!

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  17. Now I understand your comment on Bruce’s post yesterday 🙂

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