Written in the stone

It was a rainy day in Venice, with an acqua alta this morning. This latter event brought out all the vendors of temporary waterproof footwear. Temporary in the sense that they may not endure very long.

It was a good day to go to one of the many excellent museums that Venice boasts. I chose the Ca’ Rezzonico which faces onto the Grand canal.

Look at this gorgeous little fellow who greets you as you enter the museum.


He has such plump little knees. Maybe he was brought up on fritelle?


Near the end of the visit, this bust stopped me in my tracks. How in the world do you achieve this with a lump of marble and some hand tools?




My fritella of choice today was con crema (with cream). It has crept into number 2 spot, after zabaione, and before venexiana and ricotta.



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52 responses to “Written in the stone

  1. I remember this, it is quite astonishing. It made me think of the Medardo Rosso wax/plaster sculpture Ecce Puer(http://www.medardorosso.org/index_Tabs_EN.html). When I went online to find a pic, I came across Barbara’s blog about the same thing (https://barbarapyett.wordpress.com/2015/01/14/amazing-carvings-made-from-marble/) with many more amazing veil sculptures, the skill is beyond belief.

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  2. I’m still trying to work out how they used my knees for the inspiration of that statue!

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  3. What a lovely playground you have surrounding you!


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  4. I enjoy seeing sculptures like this. They always look like they’re about to get up and walkaway. That cherub is a little chubster isn’t he.

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  5. Amazing veil and chubby knees

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  6. It is beyond my non artistic mind how such sculptures are humanly possible.

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  7. These are so beautiful!
    Love the cherub-y little fellow!
    And the veil on the lady looks like fabric! So amazing!
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  8. There was a bust with a veil like this in the Corcoran Gallery for a while and it always amazed me. As do the chubby little legs of the cherub. I’m going to make some fried apple pies tomorrow morning. All the fritelle have been making me hungry!

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  9. Like all of your posts, you leave me craving more. I may just have to visit.

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  10. We have The Veiled Lady here in Charleston, SC as well (at the Gibbes Museum). This link’s picture does not do her justice…she’s exquisite. I shall make a point of visiting YOUR lady next Spring! http://www.gibbesmuseum.org/gibbes_blog/?attachment_id=4259

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    • Your lady is another elegant example. The Ca’ Rezzonico is one of my favourite museums in Venice. It’s in an old palazzo, so you can see how the rich folks used to live at the same time.


  11. Linda Bailey Zimmerman

    That is an amazing sculpture! Really intriguing.

    Yes he definitely looks stuffed with fritelli… But I’m beginning to look that way myself!

    It’s almost 2am & I’m planning on getting to Tonolo’s before they run out of chocolate in the morning!!

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    • They seem to have added artwork, or displayed it differently, it didn’t seem quite the same as last visit, Linda.

      So, you should be on your way to Tonolo about now! I had crema yesterday, zabaione is still #1.


  12. That bust with the veil is totally amazing.

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  13. Amazing. Are you sure that veil is really marble?

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  14. There are a lot of these veiled sculptures from the “risorgimento” period in Italian art. Supreme craftsmanship coupled with the kind of marble stone that they used…a rare kind, but still available, which had two layers, a transparent layer over a more dense one….that’s how they got the effect of the veil.

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  15. I shall be in Venice in April and will make straight for that museum; nothing like advice from a ‘near local’ of what to do and see in a city. Thank you again. The veiling is exquisite.

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    • The whole museum is a wonder. Just to see what a palazzo was like is an incentive, let alone the art and furnishings. Spare a few hours to savour it! Oh, and find the turtles and huge fish in the entry!

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  16. That bust is breathtaking! It truly seems that she is covered with fabric. Incredible.

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  17. julie

    Such cute chubby knees on cupid, but hate mine lol !
    Love the veiled bust Yvonne, so fascinating. They have one at Chatsworth House in UK, I was amazed by it. When do you leave Venice ?

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    • I loved the knees, but that veil is incredible.
      I leave on the morning of 22 January, for 2 weeks in Lucca. I don’t think they’ll have acqua alta or fritelle there!


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