Just a few details

From the Correr Museum (and that brilliant sculptor, Canova), Icarus and Daedalus. We all know how that ended.


Also in the Correr.


“I can’t believe I’ve scored this boring job!”


As we waited beside the Grand Canal for the regata of la Befana, a gondola glided past. (I always think there should be an added conjugation of glide, and that is: glid. For example: He glid on the ice).


And, oh good grief, they’ve started already! For anyone who has trouble gaining weight, Venice has just the thing for you. And, they go by the name fritelle.






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48 responses to “Just a few details

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  2. Perhaps that worried little cherub found out that someone ate his fritelle. I would look like that too if someone ate mine!

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  3. Well, I looked up the recipe in my Nutella cook book for the fritelle and we don’t need to worry about my trying to make them. I don’t cook anything that tells me to “friggetele in olio bollente.”
    I’ll just have to wait till I’m in Venice at the right time of year.

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  4. Great photos and I have never heard of fritelle but now am loving the look of it – how could that not be delicious (and no I don’t need to put on weight) ha ha.

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  5. That last one looks delicious!

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  6. Will you be doing a post on la Befana alla canale grande?

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    • Unfortunately, no, Francesca. My laptop is not responding today, and I don’t know if I’ll worry about repairs while I’m overseas. I don’t know if I’ll attempt posting with my phone.

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  7. I’m glad to learn that a couple of your other subscribers share (or have shared) my affliction, that of the wasted spouse. I spend hours, every day, shopping and cooking but he remains skeletal. Perhaps I need to learn to fry fritters.


  8. Why is it that the smallest thing in your lovely post has the biggest picture?

    I’m glad to hear they still celebrate La Befana!

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  9. Give me a fritelle anytime rather than an added conjugation.

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  10. Isn’t it always disconcerting to see little chubby baby bodies with adult heads and faces? I could use a few fritters today, but may have to settle for a scotch.


  11. I could definitely frit a fritelle. Mmmmmmm! That tastes glid!

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  12. Mary

    Fritelle are deliciously dangerous… any of them, all of them, each of them. But just so good.

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  13. I just heard ski pass is ready for Ponte Calatrava. Watch you step!

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  14. Have a couple frittele for me please!


  15. Big black and white photos of Canova works used to adorn my walls as a teenager. I love the bored putti – you have a great knack of spotting and sharing details that most of us would miss. Thanks. I agree about glid, after all we have slid.

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  16. Linda Bailey Zimmerman

    Perfect captain for the fatties holding up their bulbous heads!!
    Barbara scored 4 fritelli from Rizzardini’s…OMG fabulous, just what my gut needed! NOT!

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  17. Bert

    Why not? Slide – slid, hide – hid, but ride – rode.
    Does the child who has his hand on the vase last win the vase (or urn or chalice)?

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  18. Andrew Hall

    glide – glooded. And what filling did your fritella have? Mine would be zabaione.

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    • Yes!!! It was zabaione. I waited until I got home to eat it, because I make one big mess with them and don’t want to miss one drop of that delicious, thinning filling.


  19. Do these people exist? The ones who have trouble gaining weight? Weirdos.

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