Still life: bas relief with floor cloth


And, stemma with pigeon


Here he is.


It looks like he copped it in the eye!



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46 responses to “Still life: bas relief with floor cloth

  1. No wonder he has that astounded look on his face. I would look just like that if a pigeon landed on my head too. What a hideous thought. I do like the dishcloth though. An interesting still life!


  2. These are awesome. Thank you showing them.


  3. Bert

    Would I fabricate?
    I thought the two angels were holding a bell until I read the word at the top, ‘Sacramento’. Thinking that it was unlikely to refer to the capital of the state of California, and then seeing the wafer, I realised that the ‘bell’ was the bottom part of a chalice.

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  4. She doesn’t look too happy about it.

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  5. Bert

    If you’re wondering where you’ve read that inscription before, it’s from Paul’s first letter to Timothy (Chapter 1, verse 17).

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  6. Do you think those claws are sharp?

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  7. Bass reliefs with floor cloths and pigeons – love it

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  8. That last capture is brilliant, well perhaps not for the statue. 🙂

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  9. Fantastic juxtapositions!

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  10. Love the ne with the floor cloth especially!

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    How mundane! Want to wish you good health and a whole lot of happy times continuing through 2000 & 16. With love, Margot and Taz.

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  12. Mary

    That is just so my reaction to pigeons anywhere near me!!

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  13. …a lot of mysteries in your three pictures .
    A good observer, Yvonne !
    Love ❤

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  14. HA! I just snort-laughed so loud! 😀 Love that! 😛
    Pigeons pretty much own the world…don’t they?! 😉 😀
    It’s all fun and games until somebody loses an eye!
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  15. The pigeon has not any respet for this beautiful sculpture .
    I think ythere is a lot of mystery in

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  16. The floor cloth looks more like a fragment of the Tureen Shroud to me. It’s got soup on it.

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  17. Venetian pigeons – very lazy specimens as far as flying is concerned.

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  18. Only in such a city could you find such a wonderful marriage of the sublime with the ridiculous.
    (If that pigeon were on my head, my facial expression would look like that too!)

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  19. Well, the pigeon is happy preening herself !
    Don’t stand still too long Yvonne ! 😉 ❤

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  20. I reckon we could take a leaf out of the Venetians use of the cloth line.. The Hill’s Hoist is put to shame here. No wonder the pigeons are so happy there as well. You have a good eye for the ridiculously beautiful, Yvonne.

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    • I’ll have to collect some photos of the Venetian clothes lines, Gerard.

      I have to confess that often when I spot something, I’m thinking how I can use that in a post. So, you folks are on my mind! 🙂

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