And, on the second day of 2016

We were greeted with different weather. But, it’s still relatively mild.









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46 responses to “And, on the second day of 2016

  1. I love the gondoliers in their blue coats. I have a favourite photo of the most pissed-off-looking gondolier ever.

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  2. julie

    Still looks lovely in the rain, A young friend of mine is arriving tomorrow, hope Venice weather picks up a bit

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  3. So how’s the weather where you are, then? 🙂

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  4. Those last two pictures are nicely juxtaposed

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  5. We are hearing from friends everywhere how mild the winter is. My friend in Norway said it was quite hot, at 7 degrees C! Happy New Year.

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  6. I’ve only been following your blog for a week and already I take your fabulous photos for granted. The orange umbrellas juxtaposed against the gray day, the blue rain coats that matched the pavers, how do you do it?!?! You must have your camera with you 24/7, thinking only of us, your devoted followers.

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    • That made me chuckle, Judy. I wish you could have seen me scurry from the front windows to the back part of the apartment to fetch my camera, hoping I wouldn’t drop it or something equally disastrous! And, thank you for your nice comments, Judy.


  7. And here it is hot – sigh!


  8. Great you are almost a human again. Is this new post of yours going to be a 365 day of the new year thing or are you going to go back to being normal? Either way I look forward to each day in expectation.


  9. Just back from Mexico and sorry to hear you have been sick! Sending best wishes. Xo


  10. Nice day for ducks Yvonne and it’s trying to rain here in southern Spain….. trying ! 😀 ❤


  11. Those blue people. What a great photo. I think they are considering visiting Australia next winter. You can tell they are discussing Queensland as an option, with their outspread arms, talking about the size of the butter-nut pumpkins.


  12. Thank you for sharing the view out your window. My favorite is the double orange umbrellas!

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  13. Are the bottom 2 statues or real people? A statue erected to honour the wet Venetian winter?

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  14. Janet Graham

    Yvonne the weather everywhere is so unpredictable ,best say full of surprises

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  15. JoanneH

    Starting the new year right with your lovely photos keep them coming

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  16. Bert

    No such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothes. [Try telling that to the people of Cumbria, York, Argentina and America’s Mid-West.] The third photo looks like one of a pair of statues as they are almost monochrome. And what an eye for a photo you have with the second one!

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  17. A few hundred miles to the north of you, it’s equally horrid. If that’s any consolation…

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  18. Susie L

    Nothing like a good rain to freshen up the calli and campi, not to mention providing those beautiful reflections! I hope you’re feeling better Y.

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