A foggy day in Venice town

There’s been a lot of fog here this December. It does make it inconvenient for people trying to use the vaporetti to get to work, school, and so on, because some lines are simply cancelled when the fog is too heavy.

For the rest of us, it is an opportunity to slow down, to see the city differently and to savour this difference.



La Strega (The Witch) emerges out of the fog near the Giardini vaporetto stop.

La strega

There was no calcio (soccer) being played today.



The bells of the campanile sounded muffled in the thick fog.



I’ll take the fog over persistent rain any day!



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46 responses to “A foggy day in Venice town

  1. I love fog! But rarely see it here (Wellington, NZ) because the wind usually blows it away. Though sometimes it manages to close the airport. Fortunately, I’ve never been flying those days, or I might like it a lot less.

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  2. It’s funny, some places look beautiful even in fog.

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  3. What a beautiful place…the fog makes it all spooky and lovely all at once!


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  4. Such beautiful photographs. That’s the pink swirling fog I remember when I visited in the 1980s. It was the same fog that inspired Canaletto and Turner to paint so beautifully.


  5. Livia

    Wow, this is the Venice I love a lot. Mystic and romantic….

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  6. We get thick fog like this here, but it’s not as romantic as Venetian fog. It does create very moody photos.

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  7. We have been several times in Venice, never at this time of the year. We should visit for a different experience of this beautiful city.

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  8. Andante

    We too know Venice in the fog. Actually, that must be preferable to the fires over in Australia – or the flooding we have been having here in the north of England, (although fortunately we’re not actually in the floods ourselves). Never like umbrellas in Venice, prefer a BIG brimmed rainhat! Venice in the fog is like a large set of a mystery thriller, isn’t it?

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    • So, have you drawn up the plans for the Andante Ark? I like watching the umbrella ballet, where people raise and tip their umbrellas, the better to get past other brolly toting people.


      • Andante

        Well … we used to have a boat … but male half felt he was too achy to sail it any longer. No, it’s not quite that bad here, halfway up a LARGE set of hills, but we have had to bail a drain or two out!
        Hope the fogs lifted a bit – make sure you don’t walk into any canals!


  9. Reminds me of Mahler and Death in Venice. Fog takes the edge of reality and so much more beauty gets revealed.

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  10. I remember a few days of fog in London. 40 years ago. It is a strange but very lovely change of atmosphere.

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  11. I think of Venice as magical variations of grey and soft green, but I’ve never seen it like this – thanks.

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  12. I love the fog too….and you don’t have to dodge everyone’s umbrella like you do in the rain.
    It adds its own magical quality to this magical city.

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  13. It reminds me of the movie – Arsenic and Old Lace. I wonder if the presence of the fog and your arrival in Venice are connected?

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  14. Susie L

    I prefer the fog over the rain as well. Beautiful images, Y, I feel as if I were there with you!

    Happy Santo Stefano Day!

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  15. Mary

    And it’s really c o l d now!

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  16. The fog adds mystery to an already “mysterious” city.

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  17. Linda Bailey Zimmerman

    Great images…, I love the fog!!
    Yes it’s much easier walking in the fog instead of the rain!!

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