Burano, you’re rather beautiful

The people who live on Burano seem to take delight in offering surprises.


Like this spider with the butterflies, for example.


They go over the top with Christmas decorations!


This was a tiny shrine, in a tucked-away calle.


Even the sky joined the bright colour pallet on this day.


I really liked the colour contrasts in this home.





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49 responses to “Burano, you’re rather beautiful

  1. lynda

    Incredible colours… Burano IS special.

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  2. Andante

    “Buon Natale” from us too, Yvonne. We’ve also noted the lovely enthusiastic Christmas Decorations on Burano – have you seen the things they do at Easter? Wandering around there, last year, came upon a tree, decorated with colourful eggs hanging from ribbons, in the centre of a small courtyard there. Hope you’re really enjoying yourself in our favourite City.

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  3. I love Burano! Beautiful photos.

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  4. I love these photos. My photos of Burano are all grey and wet. (Because, as previously explained, it always rains when I visit Venice.) Favourite memory: Five-year-old Youngest Son making chit chat with the 100-year-old lacemaker at the museum. 🙂


  5. A place where you can’t help smiling.

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  6. The beautiful and wonderful Burano. I still cannot get over the fact that I missed that vaporetto by half a minute when I last got the chance to go back there and its been a year now since said event, so I thank you for this wonderful post. Buon Natale!!! 🙂

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  7. How absolutely fantastic.

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  8. The colors are so vibrant and alive!

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  9. Love the photos – and the colour of that sky! Wow!

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  10. My attention was drawn to that gorgeous potted white cyclamen. It’s a beauty, and I love the snowman. Somehow it never seems right to have a snowman in Australia at Christmas, but they are so cute.

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  11. Ah, my beloved Burano! That blue sky made me weep.
    And as they say in some neighborhoods of Venice….Bon Nadal!
    (someone gave me a Venetian-English dictionary for my birthday).
    In other parts of Italy…Buon Natale.
    Me and Diavolo

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    • Venice is beginning to beginning to have that festa feeling. It’s so warm, I could have left a few layers at home. Buon Natale.

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      • So much better to have those layers and not need them than to need them and not have them.
        December 2012 was so frigid….one night it even snowed….for about a minute. I kept spying out the window to see who was salting the bridge but never caught them at it.
        Enjoy the warmer weather. I personally would rather fog than pouring rain. And the fog makes for some very mystical photos.

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  12. How nice you get to see all these and more daily!

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  13. I love, love, love those colored houses. I read somewhere that if you want to paint your house in Burano you have to check with the authorities to make sure they approve of the color!. (I can’t imagine there’s such a thing as colors clashing there, can you?) Anyway, its all brown and grey where I am. Hope you enjoy the holidays, Yvonne, and as they say in one of these United States: Mele kalikimaka…

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  14. I love the tiny shrine. There should be tiny shrines everywhere. They feel like secret delight to me. Where I live, in South Texas, people often have Virgin Mary shrines on their yard. They’re usually fairly large, and sometimes they get lit up for Christmas. South Texas also has some neighborhoods with insanely bright house colors. Weird coincidences abound! 🙂

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  15. Oh for some of that blue sky!

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  16. JoanneH

    Loved the blue blue sky its been grey here for weeks. Have a wonderful Christmas and keep the photos coming they always brighten the day no matter how grey outside my window.

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