Just because

Just because you’re nice folks, and I see some things around Venice that defy classification, and I want you to see them!

Well, it seems Florence doesn’t have the monopoly on Della Robbia pieces. Or, Della Robbia lookalikes. This was near the Chiesa San Zaccaria.


I don’t think this cat in the pet shop is for sale. Mind you, I didn’t stop to ask.


How’s this for elegance?


Ancient stone, modern weeds.


What good advice!


Just because I have to include some red.


Aha! I teeny-tiny pissota! Newish readers can find out about these here: public-service-notice


And, an image of proper Venetian rowing, with Babbi Natale.




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24 responses to “Just because

  1. A nice collection of interesting things, Yvonne. That cat looks very comfortable. I’m sure he belongs. And more rowing Santas – you’ve made my day.

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  2. Being a Doctor Who fan, I prefer to say “I think inside the Box because it’s bigger on the inside.” 🙂

    Lovely collection of photos. (Especially the rowing. I keep thinking – I wonder if I could manage that type of rowing….?)

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    Want to say thank you for all the interesting posts you send and send a wish for a happy interesting holiday season for you . I,so enjoy seeing things through your camera and then having discussions with your lovely cheeky niece. Continue to enjoy and share Yvonne, Merry Christmas sent with love. Margot.

    Sent from Margot’s iPad



  4. Just dropped by to see what I was missing
    Merry merry
    Happy happy
    As always Sheldon

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  5. Thanks for a great year of touring. And don’t come back until fire season is over. You can look if you want.


  6. Jane

    Notice how much better things look in threes…..!

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  7. a great assortment of pictures – the vases are very elegant.

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  8. Susie L

    Nice collection of photos, Y! I am particularly fond of the cat photo! Speaking of cats, how is your feline neighbor?

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  9. Lovely compilation, my friend.
    I think unless that pissota is lower than it looks it would not deter short men.


  10. JoanneH

    Love the cat I wish it was as warm and snuggy as he looks here damp cold tule fog

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