This year’s offering

If you pass by the Cantine del Vino già  Schiavi  in Dorsoduro at this time of year, you’ll find that the staff has prepared yet another Christmas tree in keeping with the products they sell.


It’s a bit upmarket this year, with golden clad champagne (or maybe prosecco) corks used to form the albero di natale.



And, the window still reflects the Chiesa San Trovaso, just across the canal.


This is an excellent place to go and enjoy Venetian cicchetti (little snacks) at lunch or in the evening, along with a glass of your favourite tipple. Be aware the place is tiny and you may be standing on the fondamenta by the canal to enjoy your pause.



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32 responses to “This year’s offering

  1. …and I like the cranberry ornaments! Buon Natale!

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  2. Looks like a place that could steal my heart away

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  3. That’s a clever idea. The thought of having a snack and a delicious drink by the canal is tantalising.

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  4. Looks marvelous! Waving our magic wand to join you.

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  5. Aaaa be careful Yvonne. Don’t go too close to the canal after you had a nice glass of something. The brave young owner of El Borrachero may not always be there to pull you out if you fall into the water. 😉

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  6. My husband, who knows the streets of Venice so well, has gone to bed, but this looks very familiar to me. I wish we were there.

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  7. Great shot in the reflection. And I always try to stick to the fondamenta.

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  8. Give a couple of carrots to Rudolf from Gerard.

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  9. This post enchants me , Yvonne .
    Love ❤


  10. JoanneH

    Stop your killing me. BTW I have been selling the cicchetti book that’s out this year like wildfire. Guess many like myself just can’t get enough

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  11. Susie L

    The new tree is very pretty, but I miss the old one! It was kind of like an old friend! Thanks for the great reporting, Y!

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  12. Very attractive. Beats a plastic Santa

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