A quiet walk while on Torcello

As I walked along behind the campanile, I thought “This is one day I would happily relive  as often as possible”.



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Here are the bells of the campanile signalling noon has arrived.

And now, la crème de la crème, or the coup de grâce, thanks to Andante. The alternate way to get up that tower, if you have dodgy knees!

I think I’ll just hand over my blog to Andante and Andrew.

Torcellohoist 001



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34 responses to “A quiet walk while on Torcello

  1. Susie L

    That is a damn fine way to spend a day. What glorious weather you had!

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  2. I can just see you climbing up the outside instead of using the stairs. Fun post Yvonne.

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  3. I’m stuck here in my garden
    And the roses have all died
    And the wife is screaming at me
    And I oughta be outside
    And I didn’t weed the onions
    And the tomatoes have all died
    And you are there in Venice
    And I am locked inside.
    So don’t send pretty pictures
    Or I’ll likely cut my throat
    ‘Cos you are living lively
    And I wish you wouldn’t gloat.
    But send more if you need to
    And I’ll try to carry on
    But you are there in Venice
    And I am in Geelong.

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  4. I hope Yvonne you do not forget your corkscrewer before climbing the campanile . I bet there is a good bottle in your bag .
    You show well the marshes, which I believe have emptied the island ( malaria )
    Love ❤

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  5. Oh I think that is the way to the top for sure!

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  6. I do love the sound of bells. And the idea of you climbing up the tower on a rope. Beautiful photos.

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  7. How beautiful! The bells and the view! SIGH 🙂 I feel like I am there! 🙂
    Tower-Climbing-HUGS!!! 😛

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  8. A terrific drawing! I especially like the little bird at the top who seems to be asking: what’s the problem?

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  9. I think even that option for climbing the tower would be out with my dodgy knees…but how did she get my picture for the model?


  10. Indeed, a happy post, I love the tower, the bells and the wonderful cartoon.

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  11. Linda Bailey Zimmerman


    Looks as if you had a glorious time!!

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  12. great sound, we want more bells 👍🏾

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  13. Great post. Nice audio. The CoE near me chimes its bells every Thursday evening. It is a heavenly sound. sorry, couldn’t resist…’)

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