A little bit of good luck

Most of us are  a little bit superstitious about something. And all of us can use a bit of good luck at times. So, if you’re in Venice, find this lovely bas-relief and give it a pat, as many have done in the past. Who knows, it may just bring you that good fortune.


“Where is it”, you cry. Look for the Sotoportego e Calle de le Acque, in San Marco.




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35 responses to “A little bit of good luck

  1. Andante

    Perhaps the good fortune is merely that you are actually there in Venice? One half of “Andante” also describes the snowfall provided by World Press as “dandruff”, but he’d not thought of Angels being responsible!
    Whilst we’ve experienced snow in Venice, it was not inclined to hang around – pretty to watch, but not inconvenient. Far less hassle than Aqua Alta.
    We are enjoying the vicarious experience of Venice through your eyes, Yvonne, as you know.

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  2. I didn’t know about it when we were there. Too bad. Perhaps we wouldn’t have gotten lost so often in Venice. 🙂

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  3. I can see the draw, I want to take it out and turn it over in my hands. It’s because the curves are so comfortably full. You being in Venice is our luck too.

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  4. Did it work for you Yvonne? It’s a lovely little carving.

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  5. Beautiful image to pat!
    Is it like kissing the blarney stone?! Or rubbing a rabbit’s foot?!
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  6. Hm. Do you think it works virtually because I could probably use some good luck right now.

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  7. julie

    I think if you are in Venice to see and pat it, that is enough good fortune !
    ( TBH means to be honest )

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  8. That is the most beautiful little boat. You can see the sheets (lines) attached to the sail and the water is dangerous looking.

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  9. Well, I patted the heart in Sotoportego dei Preti and so far no luck….but that one has a different kind of luck. Oh, wait….I did fall in love with a big, black cat. I guess that comes under the heading of “be careful what you wish for”….he’s trying to eat me out of house and home.

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  10. To be honest….I am not superstitious…but I am as haptic as I am visual, so I would probably give it a good feel, to experience the wonderful craftwork of the bas relief.

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  11. I’ll have settle for patting the picture. There you go! I just patted the picture.

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  12. Bert

    Been there, got the photo! I hadn’t heard about the patting for good luck. TBH it doesn’t look as though many people have patted it.

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