Campo Santo Stefano, about 6 am

Things get started early in this city. I was wakened by the clatter, not of Santa’s reindeer on the roof, but someone dragging their wheeled suitcase across the campo. When I rolled out of bed, I was rewarded by seeing an early morning chat at the edicola (newsstand).


The street lights were still shining brightly.


And, a hard working fellow was almost finished sweeping the pavement. Then he turned his attention to collecting our rubbish and recycled things. (Paper and cardboard today.)


Here is a corner of the bedroom in this apartment. The Venetian mirror is very kind to sleepy early morning faces. The silvered surface on the back has faded and blackened, so only a vague image is reflected back. I like it!




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47 responses to “Campo Santo Stefano, about 6 am

  1. Sigh. Venice is enchanting whatever the time of day. Mirror mirror on the wall……

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  2. Still so dark at 6 am. Here the sun is rising about 4.45. It’s been warm today too, about 27 degrees. How nice to see a pretty corner of your apartment and your lovely view.

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  3. Here the sun is bright and has a promise of 28C today. I am just trying to get rid of my envy you being in Venice and us here in Australia where it is going to be a long and dry summer.
    Still, the rhubarb-apple crumble will be nice. Any chance of a white Christmas?
    I love that shot of the newsstand.

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    • I just saw it is 34 back in Myrtleford. It’s about 8 here, very pleasant. However, it might be difficult to score rhubarb-apple crumble. How does Milo cope in the heat? He’d have lots of canine friends over here.

      If we get snow, you’ll know doubt here my happy cries all the way to your place.


  4. Your post makes me think of a famous French song ” il est 5h ,Paris s ‘ éveille ” ( it is 5h am, Paris awakes “)

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  5. Campo Santo Stefano is awaking in the early morning . Your post is a poem in images, Yvonne . This makes me inspiring and it is like I was there .
    Love ❤

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  6. Now that it’s 1:30pm here and I’m finally able to access my email (my internet connection slows way down at certain times of the day) I see that a lot of other people saw your post long before I did here on the west coast of the US.
    It looks like a lovely apartment. At least you shouldn’t have to set an alarm to wake you up so you can throw open your shutters and listen to the church bells.
    I think you know why I love Venice in December (along with Joseph Brodsky and a few others).
    Don’t forget to watch and see if “Vocal Skyline” is doing a concert (or two ) while you are there. They were at La Pieta (on my birthday) in 2013 and it was just me and their Venetian families in the church. I know you would enjoy it.
    I’m right there in that bead crumb trail too….gobbling them up like a little bird.


    • I’ve been watching the posters (and Il Gazzetino) for what’s on, and as always, there’s plenty. Just like Dismal Swamp was, in fact! The lights on the tree in the Piazza were lit last night, they look so darn pretty.

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      • Sigh!….Make that one continuous very long sighhhhh!
        Oh, how I miss my beloved. But thankfully people on TV keep taking me there. The Brunetti series is running here and I put up with the German just to view the City of My Dreams. (no offense to any German speakers it’s just strange to hear it being spoken in Venezia…at least in this era, I know that once it was THE language when it was part of the Austrian empire)

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  7. Great post and I see with that mirror there is no need to unscrew light bulbs.

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  8. I wanna come too. Now! Mummy, not later.

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  9. That mirror is amazing. Just the shape and color of the frame…This place looks beautifully furnished. What luck to be able to stay there. And having a news stand so close is nice as well. Not to mention the well in the lobby…

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  10. Anne

    That’s my view of Campo Santo Stefano as I walk through from Dogana or Salute to Piazza San Marco many mornings Yvonne! I leave the sunrise photographer doing his thing and head over via Accademia – it’s my favourite time of day, when almost no-one’s about. Thank you for a little revisit while I’m otherwise occupied, especially as we shall be in the other direction in January.

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  11. Wonderful to have a glimpse of your Italian paradise Yvonne. Good morning!

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  12. I love those peeks into busy places in their silent, hidden modes. It’s another world that exists that only a few see.

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  13. I recognise that mirror. It’s the one from Snow White. Your first photo takes me back to the Verona railway station at 3 am New Year’s morning in 1986. Don’t ask me why or how, but I had not a word of Italian and needed a coffee!

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  14. What a treat! When you look out your window, you see Campo Stefano. I want that mirror!

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  15. Oh to have such an amazing venetian looking- glass to look through!

    [“mirror” just doesn’t cut it ]

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  16. Linda Bailey Zimmerman

    A lovely post …lovely photos!
    ( earplugs my dear…earplugs!)

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  17. Janet Graham

    I cannot place where on Campo San Stefano you are , I know where Sheilas apartment is, where is this in relation (being nosy )

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  18. Bert

    You’re on the third floor (fourth in some parts of the world), so there is nothing wrong with your hearing.

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  19. Makes me feel like I’m there again…which I will be in April!!! I always look forward to posts like this…they carry me along like Hansel and Gretel’s breadcrumb trail!

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  20. Jane

    What a wonderful location! I hope the outside noises will not be too much of a bother. Santo Stefano is one church I have not been inside yet….hope you will treat us to your impressions!!! Enjoy the rest of your day.

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    • I’ll have to refresh my memories of that church, Jane. It’s so easy to just drift past and almost forget it’s there! The days are nice, very grey, but not too cold yet, good for walking around.


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