First day back

During the bottom and brain numbing trip from Down Under, one of the transit airports was Munich (highly efficient). The gate next to the one for the plane to Venice was loading passengers for Paris. It was a little chilling to see policemen with heavy duty weapons watching the people. They relaxed visibly when the last passenger was checked through.

Alvise (the hard working young man who finds interesting places for me to stay) met me at the Sant’ Angelo vaporetto stop, and brought me to the apartment where I’ll be for the next 7 weeks. It’s on Campo Santo Stefano; the 4 windows on the top left corner are the front rooms of the apartment.


I wasn’t looking forward to several flights of stairs, especially  with the luggage. Alvise had a surprise for me, the suitcases (and Alvise’s cap) travelled in style on the chair lift! I may be tempted to use it myself just for fun one day.


The first thing I did, once I had unpacked, was to buy a dose of the flu vaccine at a nearby pharmacy. I discovered that the Pronto Soccorso (First Aid) station tucked in beside and behind Florian’s provides the service for the actual injection. (I toyed with the idea of doing it myself, but chickened out.) The area where the First Aid place is found is part of the Museo Correr, where I had seen this statue, in this condition, a couple of years ago.


A group of volunteers (I think they were sponsored by Save Venice; please correct me if I’m wrong), have transformed it to look like this. I still don’t know why that elephant has lion’s feet!


It’s really good to be back here, and to see my breath in the cool air. It’s time to get out and about, and see what’s happening.



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87 responses to “First day back

  1. mary

    Hi Yvonne

    I have long been a lurker on your blog and thoroughly enjoy your down to earth viewpoint.
    I have finally sold my property and shall be moving to Venice for an extended stay (or permanently!) and wondered whether you would be kind enough to give me Alvise’s details to contact regarding apartments to rent? Or anyone else you might know dealing in apartments that you can recommend? Sorry, I can’t find any other way to contact you except by posting a comment.


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    • Hi, Mary. I’m finally out of bed and have found your message. Welcome, lurker! That’s exciting news about your future plans, many people will envy you. I hope Alvise can find something for you, or recommend someone else. Very best wishes to you.


      • mary

        Hi Yvonne
        Sorry about the lurking – I have never been very good at “computing” but do thoroughly enjoy living vicariously through people’s blogs! I especially enjoy yours for its no nonsense approach and anecdotes. Many thanks for the information. Yes, it is all rather exciting and I hope to be able to move over some time in October or early November. I will keep you posted and perhaps we will be able to meet up in the future.


  2. Reblogged this on Window Dresser's Arms, Pig & Whistle and commented:
    Live from Yvonne in Venice !

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  3. I am filled with envy at the sight of the Campo Santo Stefano and deeply intrigued by the elephant with lion’s feet and what a beefy angel!

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  4. Oh, to be in Venice with you! (Is it greedy to want to be somewhere only days after returning from somewhere else?) But then, if I was, it would be raining. Because it always rains when I go to Venice. So lucky for you I’m not coming, eh?

    And isn’t it so unfair that everything is such a long flight away? Bottom numbing, indeed.

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  5. I am so envious. I wanna come too.

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  6. Oh, how exciting! Now you and The Red Hat can get out and about and have adventures! Enjoy! 🙂
    I love that someone(s) gave such a good cleaning and care to that beautiful statue!
    Maybe that elephant’s father was a lion?!?! 😉
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  7. So glad you’re now “at home” and can begin your explorations. What a handy thing that chair lift is!

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  8. Enjoy!!!
    Your building is so pretty and using the lift was a clever idea. I had to give myself needles after my accident. It was the only way they’d let me go home for the weekend. Not something I’d want to do again.

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  9. Rob C

    Y,Glad to see you back, unfortunately family illness means we’ll be in Oz for Christmas 😦 Next year we’ll be back, and might just ask for Alvise’s details.
    Have a great time.

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  10. julie

    So glad you are back home Yvonne, apartment looks lovley,great photos, love the stairlift, that will come in handy I bet ! xx

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  11. Wishing you a wonderful stay in fabulous Venice! Perhaps you could do a wee video of your ride up and down the stair chair. 🙂

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  12. Andante

    Yes, we’re jealous as well. We love Venice in December and January, the very best months to be there!
    We’ve just raised a glass each of spritz (con Aperol, of course), but sadly in soggy England, and toasted you and Venice, with them. Post lots of super images, to help us all through until we’re back there again.

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  13. Welcome home, cara!
    Can you imagine the person who carved that statue actually having ever seen an elephant in person? Maybe, maybe not. But the fact that the head is fairly well done they at least saw an depiction of one….sans feet I would assume. It makes me thing of the story about three blind men (I think it was three) trying to describe an elephant by touch. Hmm.


  14. JoanneH

    You will love the area lots to explore with nooks and cranies.

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  15. Susie L

    Yay, you’re back! Just what I need to brighten up a cold and dreary morning, a blog post from Venezia!

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  16. Wah! You get to stay in Venice for 7 weeks?! And your lodging is in a capital place. I wish Alvise would help me find a place when my turn comes. Good job whoever scrubbed the poor statue. Ah you didn’t need to fear seeing the heavily armed policemen at the airport; they were working hard to protect the people from the bad guys. I’d go up to them and thank them if I see them during my trip.

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  17. Fantastic news! I’m so happy for you! Venice is so beautiful at the time of the year. Enjoy your stay!

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  18. Linda Bailey Zimmerman

    Yvonne, it’s great having our ambassador back in Venice!!
    You’re new location is fantastic!
    See you soon!!

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  19. Wonderful 🙂 glad you made it safely, your apartment looks awesome, looking forward to reading your fascinating posts and being jealous of the weather! 🙂 I head back from the snow to the steaming jungle in a few days…sigh….:/

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  20. Maxine

    I like the area you’re in also. Enjoy your stay, and I look forward to reading about your adventures. I always learn something new.
    the other Maxine

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  21. cadeauca

    What a lovely statue. Those volunteers did a great job!

    “It’s time to get out and about, and see what’s happening.”

    Can’t wait to see what you get up to next!

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  22. Have a great time, Yvonne! I love the Santo Stefano area …

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  23. Benvenuta, Yvonne! Seven weeks of bliss sounds good to me.

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  24. I am officially jealous.

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  25. The apartment looks good from the outside. Lucky you. Our next trip is Vienna not Venice. We’ll waltz through it, I’m sure.

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  26. How long are you staying?!

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  27. Janet Graham

    Have a lovely stay, silly of course you will,

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  28. Maxine

    Have a wonderful stay. Look forward to your delightful posts .

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    • Thank you for the lovely comment, Max. I hope it stays without rain until 5 February, at least. I can check on Sheila and Randallo’s apartment from my front rooms.


  29. What an amzing woman you are. Moving about seems to be your forte. Of course the beauty of Florence and Venice might have something to do with it.

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    • I must be a restless spirit, Gerard. How’s the weather back home? I think I escaped a little heat spell by the skin of my teeth. (Isn’t that a goofy expression, when you think of it?)


  30. I guess those statues have to be cleaned once in a while but the green adds sth… Enjoy your stay in Venice!

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  31. Frank

    The 2 last sentences say it all. I’m also look forward to meet Venice again on the 30th of december!! I got your feeling!

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