Street walking …

What is more fun on a sunny day than to come across a street performer who soon has the crowd laughing, and eager to join in his madcap activities?



This young lass apparently couldn’t believe what she saw the clown doing.


Gettin’ down and dirty (literally) to capture this moment.


Selfie with equine friend.


And, the fashion statement du jour!




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46 responses to “Street walking …

  1. I live in New York City. A great walking city. Appreciated your post, writing, and pics.


  2. Fun post…love those stockings


  3. It’s fun to watch a clever street performer. Some of them are so professional. We saw two men performing at the Mindil Beach Markets in Darwin and they were fantastic.
    Maybe we should all have a pair of lovely floral socks.

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  4. I think I take issue with the abuse of the word fashion. When I worked in Düsseldorf we had a manager called Udo. He used to wear white socks. One day the CEO visited. He was British. Ex military. He looked at Udo’s socks and declared them ‘beachwear’ and ordered him home to change. Quite right too.

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  5. I love the socks
    Perhaps a problem of ajustement of the sandals l .Look at the big toes . We have the impression of a lack of place for them ( for a part )
    Love ❤

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  6. Love the socks and sandals

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  7. A fun scene and those socks are a statement maker. 🙂

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  8. “Street walking”…hmm…didn’t end up being what I expected! 😮 😉
    I love street performers and musicians…and have enjoyed them in many large cities around the USA! 🙂
    Wow! I have socks similar to those! 😛
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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    • Maybe I’ll capture some folks searching on Google for street walkers wearing socks???

      Do you REALLY have socks like that? Do you wear them with sandals? Were you in Florence this April?

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      • That would be great! 😛
        I have some conservative one-color socks…but most of my socks are wild colors and crazy designs! I do NOT wear socks with sandals and I was not in Florence in April.
        I once found a package of socks on sale…24 little footie type socks and NONE of them matched! And they were all crazy colors and wild designs and I thought, “Wow! Socks that were meant for me!” 😀
        HUGS!!! 🙂

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  9. Oh dear, Yvonne, I am in sympathy with Bruce’s observation, but….have you really taken to street-walking?

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  10. That clown is something. I echo the blond woman’s disbelief, I hope at the position of his legs and feet, which would take practice! Lovely shots.

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  11. The final photo looks like my legs do even when I’m not wearing socks. It comes with age.

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  12. You won’t see that in Wanga-bloody-ratta

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  13. Those selfie sticks! What next?

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  14. Maxine

    I love those socks!

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  15. If you are going to wear socks with sandals that is the way to do it. And they go so well together.
    Now are you going to tell us that it is your feet?
    Looks like a great time was had by all!

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