Street art

Here are two offerings from the French artist Clet Abraham who has a studio in the Oltrarno, Florence. He uses removable stickers to turn street signs into a little piece of fun. Keep your eyes open and you will see some, not only in Florence, but also in other cities in Italy and France.



He was working on the repairs to the Common Man earlier this year.  This link will take you to a post with information about this piece of street art: luomo-commune-Florence

I hope it will be back in its place on the Ponte alle Grazie in the new year.



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42 responses to “Street art

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  2. Wow. I love the rock guitar sign. 🙂

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  3. These are hilarious. I just hope no rock guitars went the wrong way up that one-way street.

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  4. I’ve never seen one but how fun. Have a great day.

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  5. I’ve seen this artist’s work online but never in real life but I’m dying to spot it as I love it! So amusing and clever! Thank you for sharing – I have another reason for a trip back to Florence later this month!!! ;o)


    • You’re sure to see quite a few examples of his work. The others I like are by ‘Blub’ where portraits (eg Mona Lisa, The Girl with the Pearl Earring) are adorned with a snorkel mask. Happy hunting.

      How long will you be there?


  6. Aren’t some people clever! It’s nice to see someone having fun with what is a serious business. We saw something similar a few times on our road trip. All along the roads are signs warning of cattle on the road and at one place someone had turned the cow into a rhinoceros.

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  7. Susie L

    They are so cheery!

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  8. Humor helps and put the drivers in good mood . ( and the tourists ) 🙂
    Love ❤

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  9. I’ve never seen one, but I like them. They are great! And yes, I hope the authorities like them too!

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  10. These are very good. I hope the ‘authorities’ see the bright side and don’t play party poopers.

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  11. These are awesome! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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  12. I like what you say about doing no harm to the signs…it’s true. He just adds a little fun to mundane life….quite different from a lot of public art which is ugly and in-your-face…..

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  13. What fun. So glad you spotted these.

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  14. What the world needs now is art street art,
    The sort of art that Clet can bring to any stupid Richard Craniums

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  15. Wow! Love these. It would be wonderful coming on them unaware!

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  16. Bet the authorities are meeting head on at T junctions looking for him.

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