Purple Papaveri

Do you like poppies? I sure do. My neighbour, across the back fence, has dense drifts of them just now. This makes dish washing almost a pleasure.

On a recent foray for groceries, I saw these purple beauties. I think I’ll need some like these in my palatial granny flat of the future.






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36 responses to “Purple Papaveri

  1. I love poppies too!
    And the house of your neighbour is lovely.


  2. Purple is such a pretty poppie colour! And here I thought they only came in red or white 🙂 ♥ ❤

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  3. How beautiful..I love poppies just watching them wafting around in the breeze 🙂

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  4. They are lovely! Unfortunately there are no flowers here anymore as we are waiting for first (well second….) snowfall 🙂

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  5. I love them too. Some years they pop up all over my garden, other years I don’t see them at all.

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  6. laurie27wsmith

    Beautiful blooms Yvonne but they give you a bloody headache when you keep them in the house for too long.

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  7. I do love poppies and I think like Bruce, these ones are opium poppies. Aren’t they gorgeous! I like to grow some Iceland Poppies every spring and I have a special vase to display the cut ones in.

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  8. I also have lots of seed for this one. Once you have one in your garden, you’ll have millions. I always know them as Shirley poppies, which is a nice name for opium poppies. The seed can be popped on breads and pide.

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  9. Beautiful cottage garden. I grew poppies one year, they were gorgeous, very thin and they came in an array of color. I want to say they were called, Icelandic poppies.

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  10. There are these things called frilly poppies, which I intend to order for my garden. The purple ones are gorgeous. I love them all–pink, white red…Lucky you to have a beautiful garden out your kitchen window!

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  11. I think my mind must work in a similar vein to Bruce’s. In reading this post I immediately thought: hey! the neighbors are producing opium! Maybe Yvonne can start a little cottage industry here…..Granny Goodfeeling!

    They are indeed beautiful. My grandmother used to grow scads of them, and when I see them I think of her. They are, as you say, fugitive….like tulips, which are my favorite flowers in the whole world.

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  12. I have lots of these purple ones in my garden. I save some of the seeds just in case, but they reseed themselves prolifically.

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  13. PS. I think these are the kind they use to get the seeds to put on those lovely muffins….which reminds me…

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  14. I love poppies! They sometimes put them in bouquets that I can get at the local framers market (about six months from now….being in that other hemisphere). But they don’t last long once cut.

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  15. I have never seen purple poppies…only the orange ones we have in CA…and the red ones which make me think of Dorothy and Toto! 🙂 These purple poppies are so beautiful! (say “purple poppies” 3 times fast! 😛 )
    I had to think about it for a minute (given my aversion to dish washing 😉 ), but that view would make dish washing a pleasure! 🙂
    HUGS and Happy Whee-kend!!! 🙂

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  16. Are they not the ones you can extract opium from? Just the thing for a granny flat 😀 I always found – when I grew them – that, once flowering, they got stolen in the night!

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