In which a cat meets a Blue-Tongue lizard (*)

And, neither of them seemed overly impressed. I was the only one who got excited. At first, I thought it was a snake …


Minx looks semi-alert


He/she has pretty good camouflage


Minx is totally non-alert

(*) The Blue-Tongue lizard is a member of the skink family, and quite wide spread in Australia. They make quite undemanding pets.

These links will lead you to some of the many sites with information about these reptiles.





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56 responses to “In which a cat meets a Blue-Tongue lizard (*)

  1. Can you put them on the barbie? Skinks not cats.

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    • You’re back! I just commented to Bruce Almighty that we hadn’t seen or heard from you for ages.

      You go right ahead and put what ever you want on the barbie, Andrew.


  2. My Scabby cat would have attacked it and left a leg and a head on the doorstep for me to trip over.

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    • I was surprised how Zen/Buddhist Minx was with this fellow. So, Scabby cat is still part of the scene; we haven’t heard much about him/her while you struggle with gli and gn.

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      • I try not to talk about Mishmash too much… she is off to the vets next week before her and ‘the boyfriend’ produce more kittens. Our cat population has increased to include two of the kittens which we failed to find a home for.

        Headache, who is a miniature version of her mum, ‘heaven help us’ and Scaredy Cat who is afraid of her own shadow.

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  3. Blue tongue… I haven’t met before 🙂 I loved his name! But makes me afraid… all kind of them, big, small…. Your cat, just watched him, didn’t attack? Beautiful photographs. Thank you, love, nia


  4. There’s something remarkably similar in the patterns on both the cat and the lizard!

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  5. What a beautiful cat! The lizard is also lovely. I remember I saw a lizard once here in Ireland, it was the highlight of my life haha. I love how nonchalant Minx is!

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  6. Caroline

    How interesting! I’m surprised Minx (what a pretty girl!) was so underwhelmed.

    Sadly, the wee lizards that sometimes venture on to our balcony are Mimi’s favourite playthings and she likes to bring them to show them off to us; but happily we’ve become dab hands at rescuing them with a mini dustpan & brush. It still surprises me that she is evidently faster than a lizard. Although I think she might be frightened by one this size!

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  7. laurie27wsmith

    Hi Yvonne, you dropped off my reader. I responded to your comment on my post and realised that I hadn’t had any posts from you. Problem solved. Like your Blue tongue, they’re great lizards, quite docile. Minx is obviously underwhelmed by it all. 🙂

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    • hey, I’m sorry I dropped off! WordPress does funny things sometimes.

      I like the Blue tongues, and we had Sleepy lizards in Adelaide, great little creatures.

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      • laurie27wsmith

        Not your fault Yvonne, I’ve talked to other users who have the same problem. I used to spend a lot of time catching lizards and snakes as a kid. The place was full of them. From little copper ones to big bearded dragons. I like the ones we saw in the Flinders ranges, their head and tail look the same.

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  8. Hmmm, lizards and snakes, they all give me the creeps. I’m pleased to see Minx giving it a wide berth.

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  9. Hi Minx. We watch tiny geckos on the walls for hours and are so jealous that you watched a BIG lizard. Love Samantha & Sonic xxx ❤

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  10. Wow… that blue tongue is wild! 🙂 ♥ ❤


  11. I’m crazy. Lizards, snakes, reptiles…spiders and insects. They amaze me. Thank you for the links. Your cat is absolutely beautiful! (Cat lover, I have three. I also have a dog. Oh, and in spring and summer I’m blessed with reptiles galore. I organic garden and the animal kingdom knows where to dine…LOL.)

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  12. Their blue tongues are almost furry looking. I would like to see one of these. Our skinks in Virginia have blue tails when young, but they grow out of it. They are blue-TAILED skinks. Yours are really quite something and the tongues–thanks for the link.

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  13. What a beautiful skink! Better to have a skink than a skunk! 😉 😀
    Minx is like, “No big deal.” 😉 😛
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  14. I’ve heard the name and never seen one before (the skink, I mean), not sure he/she would make an ideal pet.

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  15. Andante

    We thought it was that Minx was telling you that she wanted a pet of her own? …. looks as if she’s settled in well, and she looks to have plenty of common sense. We don’t know what our cats would do if faced with any lizard or skink – they do try to “herd” frogs, though, at the right time of year!

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    • I’d love to see your cats trying to herd frogs. They’d get good exercise, anyhow. Hey, will you be in Venice this winter?


      • Andante

        Not very likely as half of the “team” has just had an hip operation – but hoping may be fit enough to travel by spring. Really missing the place, though – not been there since April.
        Cats are actually very good “frogherders” -at least now they’ve stopped trying to eat them. They’ve not yet come to terms with the newts, though.

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        • Oh, I hope the hip (and its owner) recover very well.

          We had cane toads up in Queensland. They’re poisonous to cats and dogs. I was pleased to see that Minx paid about as much attention to them as she did to the lizard. Four legged animals are smarter than human animals!

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  16. sunsetdragon

    beautiful city and the lizard looks like it was a pretty good sized one.

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  17. I recognized the skink immediately. When my kids were young it was a favourite stop at the zoo. Love the action shots!

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  18. We have a resident blue tongue lizard, but he keeps himself to himself and makes few appearances. I quite like them.

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  19. Such a lovely, friendly meeting of the animals. I’m not fond of long slithery cold-blooded things, but I’ve read that the blue-tongue lizard is sometimes kept as a pet! We don’t have them where I live. But I really like Minx’s attitude….maybe a wait-and-see; definitely a feline ho-hum. I have two elderly cats…one is a hunter, and the other couldn’t be bothered. They are indoor cats and aren’t allowed to roam, but the one who is a hunter occasionally goes out into the garage, and has been known to leave a beheaded mouse by my recliner chair for me to discover first thing in the morning.

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    • I’m glad I happened to wander outside just as the big meeting took place, Cynthia. Minx hasn’t had much of a hunting urge since we moved down here, which is good. There’s a storage area under the house that intrigues her. I think there might be a few mice down there.

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  20. Susie L

    As much as I am going to miss your gecko and those stick-monster posts, it will be fun learning about your new resident creatures! I must admit to being a tad disappointed that we weren’t treated to a photo of the blue tongue. Minx is doing a great job establishing her territory and dominance.
    Creatures beware! 🙂


  21. When I saw it before I scrolled down I thought it was a skink! Ha, close since it’s the same family.
    You’ll have an entire new set of creatures there. And it was pretty big for Minx if she was interested in trying to “eat” it. It looks like she was okay with just watching it in that last picture.


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