The city that floats on water





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39 responses to “The city that floats on water

  1. Caroline

    Brilliant photos, Yvonne! Do you know what the red thing is? I’ve never noticed it! Although I’ve noticed other odd things in the water, for which I don’t know the purpose.

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    • Thank you for the nice comment, Caroline.

      I had never paid a touch of attention to that red thing. It may have something to do with navigation, those solar panels might supply energy to a light, perhaps. There are 2 access ladders going up to the top. Now, my interest is truly piqued. Maybe I can post it on Facebook and see if any of our Venetian acquaintances can help us!


  2. It is really lovely but why don’t we see the same perceptive photographs of Myrtleford? I bet a lot of your overseas followers would love to know what your part of Oz was like.

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  3. Yvonne I love the illusion that the first photo creates, as if the water is going to start pouring out of the V. Fabulous perspective.

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  4. The color in these pictures is riveting. The green of the tower, the sky and the water, the haze, the red of the channel marker. I know it rains in Itayly, but I only remember sun…

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  5. It does me good to think of it even when far away.

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  6. Bert

    The second photo shows an odd place to site a letter-box.

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  7. Yes, Yvonne, Venice is unique and is sat on the sea
    But how much time does it resist when we see enormous cruise ships in the laguna creating waves destroying the foundations of the buildings ?
    We have to save Venice ;
    Love ❤

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  8. It’s very silly, but my family’s favorite joke whenever a picture of Venice appeared on TV was, “Oops! Somebody’s left the water running.” I’m sorry, it’s not very sophisticated, I know.

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  9. Susie L

    She’s an Enchantress!

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  10. I’m not sure I would feel comfortable living there.

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  11. Given it always rains when I go there, it’s also a city that floats IN water.

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  12. Jane

    So what are you peering from behind in the first photo?

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